Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This was taken a week or so ago of Mackenzie trying to get into our shower...don't even remember if I've put these up before!

It's been a while since I've updated this...sorry! Since John got home we've been non stop! I haven't even taken any pics of Mackenzie, and I know that's what some of you come here for!! John got back on Friday and it's great to have him home. This week he's at school and he goes on leave at the end of next week. He is now also on a schedule were he has duty for one day then the next two days off. So in between his working we are trying to get a lot of stuff done!
We will be leaving for Disneyland next Thursday and will be spending three nights up there. We are staying at the California Hotel and I'm really excited about that! I have been wanting to stay there forever, but it's the most expensive of the three hotels in the park so we always think that it's too much money. Recently Belynda got sent a discount voucher to our house so we called to try and take advantage of that, but they wouldn't let us. Because Belynda's name was on it she had to be there, but John asked for military discount and we got the room even cheaper than what the voucher was offering! We got a 30% discount!! We normally only stay two nights, but with the room so cheap we are going to enjoy a third. I can't wait to take Mackenzie there! There will definitely be plenty of pictures for the blog once we go!
Mackenzie is doing great and had her 9 month check up yesterday. We had to play catch up with her shots unfortunately, so we both had to go through the trauma of that again! She had a slight fever yesterday and was a little irritable, but apart from that she was her usual self. She is still being a pain to feed, but has continued to put on weight and is in the 50th percentile, so I guess it's just Mummy worrying because that's what she's meant to do right? =)
Over the weekend we went and did some shopping for Mackenzie's Christmas and birthday. We got the big stuff so John was involved and so I didn't have to go out and get it and become a potential target for those who love to rob people in parking lots at that time of the year! For her birthday we got her this push along thing that plays music and we basically gave it to her already, so I guess I'll have to get her something else!
I got news about my job and could be starting as early as September 8th! I'm feeling a little over whelmed about it, but at the same time probably just need to get it started so we can get into a routine. I tear up just thinking about leaving Mackenzie even though I know she's going to be right near me! John will still be on leave at that time so if we do start then the plan is to have him come and pick her up at about lunch time so she's not there all day for her first week. She's still not drinking milk/formula from a bottle so it's going to be tough for all involved!! I will let you all know about that once I get official word!
School also started this week, so on top of everything else we have going on I'm trying to find time to get that done! It's only one class thank goodness, but you will no doubt hear me complain the whole semester!! =) I guess the busier I keep myself the quicker this deployment will go by...that's what I'm telling myself anyway! Be in touch again soon!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby Shower, we're going to Disneyland (I think) and Mackenzie's green nose!!

Brittny, Mackenzie and I! (I should have taken off my sunnies!)

Yesterday we went to Brittny's baby shower and it was a great afternoon. She had it at a cafe in a suburb called La Jolla. It's right by the coast and has some spectacular views! The cafe wasn't near the ocean, but the food was great and Mackenzie and I had lots of fun. She did a great job being good and even managed a smile or two to some of my friends. She's not a big social smiler when we are out and about!

Brittny opening Mackenzie's gift for DJ

Brittny was there when Mackenzie was born and her little boy is due almost a year to the day that she was born. It will be nice for Mackenzie to have a little play mate once he gets old enough to play with. Mackenzie got DJ (his name is going to be David James like his Daddy) some feet rattles, wrist rattles and a big rattle. She also helped to make the card. If you look closely it's her foot prints. My plan was to make blue foot prints on a white card, but when I looked at the ink it said permanent so I wasn't going to risk Mackenzie having blue feet forever!

Opening our other gift

We got her a bouncer and some burp clothes, but you can't see them.

A group shot (the waitress had to take this photo on everyones camera...I was lucky enough to get the shot where Mackenzie is looking!)

During the shower Mackenzie's nose started to run. At first I thought maybe it was just from some pollen or something because we were outside. As the day went on however it began to turn green, and below is what we woke up too! (Sorry Marnie if you read might want to look away!) She is still her happy self, she just sneezes quite a bit and hates me then having to wipe her nose with a tissue! I'm guessing she picked it up when we went out on Thursday. I hope it doesn't hang around too long!

This is what I'm dealing with today!

She's still happy though!

Yesterday we got an email from John and he said "I guess we can swing Disneyland"! So I guess I'm (I mean Mackenzie) is getting her way! It only took two emails from Mackenzie! I guess Daddy is a bigger softie than I thought he would be! I'll have to keep you posted on our plans. John comes home this week so I'll let you know once we have it planned!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Please Daddy Can We Go to Disneyland!!?

Mackenzie's Minnie Mouse Princess ears that Auntie Binny got her.

So, the other day John sent me a forward that talked about a whole bunch of stuff that you can do through the military. At first I gave it a quick glance and went about my day. Later on I figured why not take a closer look at it, after all I might find something I might actually want to do. Reading through it I saw info on golf, the swimming pools, a up coming fun run/walk, bowling and the free cinema just to name a few! Then I came across the info about the ticket agent.
One of the perks of being in the military is that they often get cheaper tickets to fun parks and a whole bunch of other stuff. There is a little office on base that you can go to and buy discounted tickets. John obviously didn't read the email before sending it to me because now he's in all sorts of trouble!!

Do these look like begging eyes?

At the moment Disneyland is offering the military an appreciation ticket. This basically means that active military members can get a free three day pass to Disneyland! It also gets better because they can also buy three day tickets for the price of a one day ticket for up to five members of their family!! I WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND!!! We normally go once a year but because Mackenzie is little and with John deploying we have no plans to go, but how can we not go now!?! I'm pretty sure John is regretting ever sending me the email because I'm now doing the whole "Can we please go to Disneyland" routine! Today I took these photos of Mackenzie and she "wrote" Daddy an email asking if we could go. At first I (whoops, she) sent him one including all of these photos, but it got returned saying it was too large, so now my idea is that she's going to write to Daddy every day asking, with a new cute photo included! (Maybe I should have put her in her I love Daddy outfit?) Do you think I'll, I mean we will eventually get my/our way? =)

"Please Daddy!!"

"I promise I'll be a good girl!"

"I really, really, really want to go!"

"Please Daddy!!"

Last night we went to the family readiness meeting and it was ok. I got lost on the way and ended up being a little late so by the time I got there I think I missed the introductions and what not. I guess there were more people there than they anticipated because there were kids everywhere! I met a couple of the ladies and they were nice. One girl that I mainly spoke to unfortunately is going home for the deployment, but it was nice to talk to someone who is going through the same thing I am. Another girl was from England! She told me that she's always asked if she's from Australia. I told her I'm always asked if I'm from England! I think once I get a little more comfortable and mingle a little more it should be a good opportunity to meet some people.
Keep your fingers crossed for us that we can influence Daddy into letting us go to Disneyland!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Yet Another Week on Our Own

Standing up with little help from me!

John left again today, so Mackenzie and I are on our own again. He'll be back next week, but I'm not meant to give out dates and days so I'll let you all know a little closer to the day. It was nice having him home for the short time he was home. On Thursday he took a day off and we spent the day running errands. We have a lot of little things to do that we don't seem to ever have the time for! Apparently when he does get home he'll be taking some time off which will be of now I'll believe it when I see it!
We had Dakota over this weekend and I totally forgot to get any photos. I've actually been dropping a few hints that I want a new camera for Christmas. Mine is getting a little old and takes a while to turn itself on. I also have the problem of the camera having a slight delay between me pushing the button and the photo actually being taken...not the best with a baby! These photos today took forever because Mackenzie would pose then move right as the photo was taken...but back to Dakota. Mackenzie was a little reserved at first, but she warmed up to her soon enough. Dakota is doing good and will be starting high school in a week or two.

Showing off her glasses!

Mackenzie is doing great and is cutting her top two front teeth! She's still giving me trouble when it comes to eating, but we did have a slight win when it comes to the bottles. I tried a "y" cut nipple and she drank some juice from it! I tried formula tonight however and she didn't want to drink it. I guess I'll have to break out the dreaded pump again.
We really haven't been up to a whole lot and this week will probably be a lot the same. On Thursday however I do plan to go to a meeting held by some of the wives on the ship so I can meet some other people. I'm hoping that I'll be able to make a friend or two and have some company while John is gone. I'll let you know how that goes.
Saturday Mackenzie and I will be going to my friend Brittny's baby shower. I'll be looking forward to catching up with my friends! So hopefully my next entry will be a little more exciting for you! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8 Months Old

A big girl now she's 8 months old!

Yesterday Mackenzie turned 8 months old and I can't believe how fast this year is going by! She's going to be one before I know it! We didn't do a whole lot yesterday, just waited around for Daddy to call us so we could go pick him up from the ship. Unfortunately because he is with security he has to make sure everyone gets off the ship, so he doesn't get to come off with the majority of the sailors and marines. It was good to see him just the same however even if it was a little later than everyone else! By the time we did get the call Mackenzie was napping so I had to wake her up to get her in the car. She did great on the trip there and back, but when John went to get her out of the car she started to scream. She wouldn't let him get her out and then she cried if he said anything! She is getting into that stranger anxiety stage, but I mainly see it in her when she is tired...I think that was the case yesterday. After her dinner and some time she was smiling and climbing all over him!
John is doing good apart from a bit of a cold. Unfortunately he has duty today, so while the rest of the crew gets to enjoy a day off he's stuck on the ship for the entire day! We just don't seem to be able to catch a break here! He is back out to sea again next Monday and then after that I believe he finally gets his vacation/holiday time. Of course it's now only two weeks instead of four because they are leaving. His boss is turning out to be someone I don't particularly care for. As you already know John joined the ship early so he could take leave. Well he also extended his time so John was stuck out there and in charge the whole entire time. I just hope this guy is not going to take advantage of John's good nature.

Yesterday I got my shipment of Aussie goodies which I was very excited about! Everything made it ok and last night Mackenzie got to try a Scotch finger biscuit/cookie. She loved it as you can see by these pictures. I haven't really opened anything else yet. I guess I'm a little scared that once I do I'm going to devour the whole lot! Maybe I'll have a milo tonight!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Week

Hanging out with a sleepy girl.

Another week down and not a lot to report here. Mackenzie and I have been taking things easy and sticking close to home. My main goal of this week was to try and get Mackenzie eating a decent meal! We had good days and bad days and she seems to be becoming more vocal about when she's had enough! In fact she's becoming more vocal about everything! She is definitely preferring to eat finger foods, and her pincer grip seems to be getting better with each meal. The bottle and sippy cup are still not happening, but hopefully when John comes home we can work on that!
I finally went online to this site that sells Aussie food here and have stocked up on some goodies! I got some weet bix in the hope that Mackenzie will eat them, green cordial (my favourite!), some biscuits/cookies and some saos/crackers! It arrives tomorrow and I can't wait!

This is part of our bath time routine...she loves to look at reflection and play with the taps!

John comes home tomorrow and I can't wait to see him. I'm hoping that he'll have some time off when he gets back, but he has not been able to tell me yet. On facebook I've joined the ships page and the ships family readiness group and so far they have been very informative. They have been having little get togethers and so far I've managed to miss them because I see the notice after the event. I'm hoping that I can attend one and meet some fellow wives and make some friends. It would be nice to be able to have someone who experiencing the separation with me.

Mackenzie loves her bath time!