Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So Paula told me to download and join skype as a good way of keeping in touch. I have finally done it and got myself a web cam, so I'm ready to go. If you don't know what skype is it's a way of talking on-line and being able to see one another (if you have a web cam), you can also phone overseas and locally for cheaper rates. I haven't tested it out yet, but I can't wait to talk to Paula so I can see the kids. Anyway I'm mentioning this because I want to know if anyone else has it so I can add you to my account. Once the baby is here it will be a great way for you all to see her. I'm hoping John will be able to get it at his apartment so he'll be able to see the baby on a regular basis. If you're interested in looking into it the address is:
Let me know if you join!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Luau!

These are two of my little friends!!

Some of the girls that I work with!

I've had a rather busy week this week. Work is starting to get busy as we are getting lots of new babies, but it's good as it fills my days up. On Friday we had our end of summer party which was a luau and it was a lot of fun. A lot of our families turned up, especially the older children and they had lots of fun playing games, making things, watching some dancing and eating! I was responsible for the table that made hats and necklaces so I got rather busy!! We had the party catered by this Hawaiian fast food place (I can't remember the name of it) and the food was good!! I had a little so as not to drive my sugar levels up too high and after some socialising I called it a night. By the time I got home I think I was awake for about 15 minutes before crashing for the night!!
Baby wise we are doing fine. My doctors appointment went well and the doctor was happy with my sugar levels. He even gave me a bit of a reprieve and I have two weeks in between appointments! I've been feeling good and eating good so I'm hoping I have finally turned a corner. The baby seems to be moving around quite a bit these days and my stomach is getting bigger although a lot of people are still asking me if I'm losing weight. I think it's the diet plan that is working for me...I'm determined to grow into my pregnancy!! The baby also got very spoiled by her Auntie Paula this week. She sent us a box of the cutest little clothes!! I can't wait to see her in them!
As for John...I'm hoping he's ok. I think I told you last week that he was leaving Bahrain for who knows how long. I haven't spoken to him in a week now and it will be a week in a day or two since I got an email. I'm trying to remain sane and positive about it all, but the pregnant and hormonal side of me is slowly going insane!! This is definitely the hard part of being a military wife!! I'm warning you all now though...I might not be so positive by this time next week if I still haven't heard from him!! (smile)
Next weekend I have a three day weekend to get through. It's Labor Day (I think) and on Saturday I'm going to a scrap booking expo with one of my friends from work. I'm really looking forward to this! We have signed up for a class on getting organised so hopefully once I'm done with that my table won't look like such a disaster when I'm working. I'll be able to tell you all about it next week!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A much better week!

I guess my title says it all. I've had a much better week this week! My head cold is a lot better and my sugar levels seem to have improved a lot too so I'm happy. I'm back to the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully he will also be happy and I won't have to go ever week like I have been. I just hope that he's happy with my numbers!
Well I haven't been doing a whole lot with myself. Yesterday I went out for lunch and a movie with some of my friends and it was great to get out of the house. We went and saw Tropic Thunder and it was a really funny movie. Robert Downey Jr was meant to be an Aussie, and I think he was kind of channeling Russel Crowe a little. They had all the usual Aussie stereotypes in there, but it was funny just the same! Tom Cruise has a surprising role in there too which I thought was the funniest. I could never imagine him doing a role like this. Anyway if you get the chance go and see it!
John is doing fine and has found an apartment to live in. He'll move in sometime in early September. This week he's going somewhere he couldn't tell me so I probably won't be able to talk to him as often as I have been. He also wasn't able to tell me when he was coming back, so I'll probably be a little lonely not getting to talk to him. As long as he can email me I'll be happy!! I miss him a lot.
The baby is also doing fine, and likes to move about when I'm trying to go to sleep! The other day she was moving and for the first time she pushed against my hand. It was a great feeling because when I try to feel her she stops moving! I still haven't begun shopping for her yet, so I guess I should probably make a start on that one of these days. My friends from work are telling me that I should register at Baby's Are Us and I think I will. I felt a little funny about that, but people just want to spoil her so I guess I just need to be grateful. I'm not sure if you Aussies will be able to use the register, but I'll ask, just in case you want to buy something.
No photos this week as it's a little boring being on my own. This week we have a little end of summer thing at work so I'll be sure to break the camera out for that so you have something to look at. Have a great week and come on guys start your own blogs up so I have something to read!! It really is easy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another week to get it right!

I went to the doctors today and was basically given another week to see if there are going to be any improvements. He said that because I've been sick with my head cold this could of affected my sugar levels. He has also got me to increase my medication so now I'm taking two pills twice a day instead of one. He seems to think that once I'm back to being healthy and with the increase in medication that I should get on track. I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed again for yet another week that it will all work out ok...wish me luck!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's been a rough week!!

Me and the bride...doesn't she look beautiful!

Brittny, Cassie and Marisa...some of my friends from work.

Jennifer and her husband Adam...she's pregnant too, about 3 or 4 weeks behind me!

Me and my friend Mere!

The happy couple walking fast down the aisle!!

Sasha with her Dad and Step-Dad about to walk down the aisle

This is Nathan, Sasha and Mike's son...he looked so cute!!!

Well I'd like to write that everything is going fine and I'm doing good, but to be honest, it's been a really rough week for me. I've been following the meal plans, getting in some exercise and nothing seems to be working! My sugar levels are still too high. I'm back to the doctors tomorrow and I already know that it will be time for insulin. I'm a lot more accepting of it than I was a week or so ago, because I can see the medication is not working. I'm just a little down because I'm doing everything right but my body is letting me down. I'm also struggling with a head cold which is not helping any! On Friday I came home early and slept for most of the day and woke up still feeling terrible. It's still not much better today but I'm dealing with it as best as I can. The baby is doing fine, but her Mum is a bit of a mess...I hope next week will be a better one for me. I'm having a bit of a tough time staying positive at the moment!
So this entry is not all doom and gloom, yesterday was my friend Sasha's wedding. I had a good time, although I'm sure the food was all not good for me! I ate in moderation and didn't bother with anything breaded or rice, but I'm sure my sugar levels were too high. I didn't even check my sugars last night. I took the night off so I could enjoy myself! She had the wedding at a hotel not far from the ocean and it was nice and tropical. Her reception was in this room that over looked the ocean so it was beautiful to watch the sun set and then have all the lights from the city hitting the water. The only thing missing for me was John!
I've been trying to watch the Olympics although I'm not seeing too many Aussies. It's hard to watch it from a different perspective, especially when I want to know how the Aussies are doing. On Friday night I watched the opening ceremony which was great. I was getting tired and when they announced the teams I thought I'd wait to see the Aussies then I could go to sleep! They were second from last!!! At one stage I got a little mad thinking that they had overlooked them during a commercial break, but I kept watching and watching! Then I finally get to see them for a minute, maybe two because then came China! So even though I don't see too much of them I'm still cheering the Aussies on!
John is doing fine and spent the weekend looking for a place to call home. I missed his call last night so I'm not too sure how successful he was. I hope he was able to find something as I'm sure living in a hotel gets old after a while. I also want him to find something more stable because then he'll have less excuses when it comes to emailing me! I miss him a lot, and can't wait for this year to be over.
So I'll let you all know how my doctors appointment went, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be insulin like I've already told in touch again tomorrow!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

One week down 51 to go!

Here's a photo of me I took before going out last can see a belly, but remember a lot of it was there before!! (smile)

Is there any point in counting down the time till John comes home? I don't know about you guys but 51 weeks just sounds crazy. How do I count a year down without making myself miserable!?! I think for now I'm not even going to start counting down just depresses me!
Well apart from being a little lonely I'm doing fine. I had a nice weekend and got out and did some shopping, so that always makes a girl feel good. I had to buy a dress for my friend's wedding next weekend and I also ended up buying some tops that were on sale. This was my first venture into buying maternity clothes. So far my pants are still fitting me ok as I already had a belly. With the changes to my diet at the moment my pants are starting to feel a little loose again so I might get some more wear out of them before I have to find maternity pants.
Last night I went out for my friends bachelorette party (or hen's night as you Aussies know it.) I just went to the dinner part of it as I'm currently on the wagon. I didn't want to be surrounded by drunk people and be the only sober one! It was a good night while I was there, and from what I've heard it continued on to be a good one. I'm seeing on the girls myspace profiles that some are feeling a little under the weather...I don't miss that feeling at all! As I've already mentioned next week is the wedding so I'm looking forward to that. I'll be sure to take some photos!
My sugar levels are doing well now that I'm on the medication. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping that they will be happy with my progress too. I really don't want to have to take insulin so keep your fingers crossed for me that the doctor thinks I'm on the right track. As for the baby she's doing fine. We still don't have a name for her yet and I think I'm now feeling her move about! With adjusting to the diabetes and all that comes with it I kind of lost my perspective a little, but now that I'm more into the routine of it all I'm back to being excited about it all! I just need to start shopping one of these days!
John is doing fine and I get to speak to him probably every other day, which has been nice. It's taking me a little longer to adjust this time, and I'm guessing it's just because I'm pregnant. He needs to find a place to stay in the next week or so as I'm sure living in a hotel gets old fast!
Oh, I almost forgot! This week I finally got a letter from the Immigration Department letting me know that they have removed the conditional part of my residency so now I am official a permanent resident of the United States. I believe I have about 5 years or so before I can apply to become a citizen, but I'll make that decision when it comes time. I do get to keep my Australian citizenship which is good otherwise I wouldn't even consider it!! I'm always going to be an Aussie and proud of it!! I'll be doing my best to cheer on the Aussies at the Olympics even though I probably won't see too much of them!