Monday, February 21, 2011

February Update!

Writing her Valentine's for school

Just thought I'd finally get around to posting the pics of Mackenzie getting ready for Valentine's Day. She wrote in her cards for her school friends and also helped to "make" cookies for her friends. I also got cute little outfits for both her and Maegen but got no pics of them!! I forgot to get a pic of Mackenzie before she went to school so by the time she got home her outfit was dirty. Then Maegen peed all over hers before I could get any shots of her too! I guess I'll just have to dress them up again and take some pics.

Putting the cookies on the tray to go into the oven.

John and I had a nice day too. He got the day off so while Mackenzie was at school enjoying her party we headed out for lunch. We went to this great little restaurant in Little Italy and had a fantastic lunch. It was soooooo yummy!! My favorite part about this restaurant is that they have two sections to it, with one section being a bakery where they have desserts (did I spell that right?) to die for!! We took a little selection home to enjoy later! In the end I believe we all had a nice day!

The easiest cookies in the world to make!!

The day before Valentine's day we took the girls up to Disneyland! I was all prepared to take lots of photos of Maegen's first trip there, but it ended up being really busy so we didn't get to do a lot of meeting the characters and that type of stuff. We still managed to have fun though and it was nice to get to go back on some rides! Maegen did great on the trip and managed to sleep most of the day away. John has a day off this week so we are planning on going up there again, so this time we are hoping that it will be a lot less crowded as it will be during the week. Fingers crossed I can get all those shots of Maegen meeting the characters.

All dressed up for Disneyland....she later threw up all over this outfit!

Sisters sharing a moment!!

The girls are doing great and John and I are beginning to get the hang of a two kid family. In my last blog I believe I told you all about supplementing Maegen with formula. Well the whole supplementing part didn't last too long as she took to formula and began to refuse my boob! I just decided that we were going to just make the switch to formula and I think we are all happier for it. Maegen seems to be doing so much better on the formula. She's a lot more settled, she is pooping a lot more than what she used to (not sure sometimes if that's a good thing) and it's freed me up a lot! We have a doctors appointment next week to check up on her weight gain, so I think they'll be happy with her. I still have mixed emotions about it all as I know the importance of breast feeding, not to mention the bonding experience, but in the end if my little girl is happy and thriving then I am happy.

Me and my girl on her favorite ride!

Mackenzie is doing great and keeping busy. She is very excited for our upcoming trip to Disneyland and is ready to go on Small World and the Nemo ride! She also tells us that she wants to see Donald Duck and the Goof which is what she's calling Goofy these days for some reason. When we were leaving Disneyland last Sunday she managed to fall over and hit her head which was the most horrible sound I have ever heard. Thank goodness it sounded worse than it appeared and she came out of it with a small graze. She is now very quick to report any kind of bump, scratch or fall to us so we can kiss the injured part. She is now also taken to picking out her wardrobe at times which can lead to some interesting selections. At the moment she is in love with a skirt her Auntie Paula bought her which is kind of like a tutu. She calls it her princess dress and likes to wear over the top of what she is already wearing. I will have to get a pic to show you all.

Maegen's first ride on Small World and she slept through it all.

John and I are doing good, and there is nothing really new with either of us. I will be going back to work a couple of weeks earlier than what I may have originally told you. My start date is now March 14th. I'm looking forward to going back. I'm not looking forward to all the extra work that will entail to get us all organized and there every day, but getting out of the house and around people again is something I'm looking forward too!

Me and my baby!

So hopefully the next time I write I have a bunch of cute Disneyland pics to share with you all! Enjoy your week!!

I love my girls!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

To Wean or Not to Wean!?

All dressed up for Australia Day!

All is well here! We are somewhat into a routine that suits us all and I continue to enjoy my time at home before it's time to go back to work. We haven't been doing a whole lot with ourselves lately...just enjoying our time as a family. Last weekend (I think it was) we took the girls to see their first movie. We went and saw Tangled and I loved it!! Maegen slept through the majority of it and Mackenzie was a little frightened by it at first, but eventually settled in and enjoyed herself. On the bases here they have cinemas and you can go see a movie for free so we went there with the thought that we wouldn't be losing any money if we had to leave part way through the film. We will definitely be making more use of it in the future as going to be movies as a family of four is going to be expensive!!

Two girls beginning to get grumpy at me as I'm taking too many photos!!

Maegen is doing good and is starting to smile, babble and all those other baby stuff that make them so cute!! I took her to the doctors on Thursday for her two month check up. It was a little early, but the the doctor and I decided on that so we could look at how her weight was going. She is now 8 pounds 13 ounces and the doctor said everything is coming along great. Her weight has been a constant worry for me. She feeds all the time, sometimes it feels a little too much, which can prove a little stressful at times because I feel like I don't do anything else except feed her. I had decided that I would talk to the doctor about possibly supplementing her with formula and the doctor agreed it would be a good idea. Since starting this Thursday she's like a different child. She is a lot more settled, I feel like I have a little more freedom and she's pooping a lot more than what she was. I'm going to continue to breast feed her as much as I can, but it seems like she almost prefers the formula, so I guess we'll just wait and see how it goes. It amazing to me how Mackenzie was completely different...I feed her up until she was 18 months!!
Maegen also got her shots and was very brave! She had no fevers or anything after them so the appointment was a good one! I'm going to be taking her back to the doctor in a few weeks though just to check up on her weight to make sure she's put some more on.

Taking a nap in her car seat.

Daddy and his girls.

Mackenzie is doing great and is an endless source of laughter! She is doing good at going to school and I have been able to drop her off without any tears which is great for me!! The other day her teacher was near the front door when we walked in and Mackenzie walked off with her barely giving me a wave goodbye!
For Australia Day she took some Tim Tams to school to share with her friends which she enjoyed especially. When I went to offer some to the teachers however she got most upset and at one stage began to scream bloody murder. After bribing her with another one I was able to give a few more out! She is just like her parents being chocolate obsessed. Every time she goes to the store with John she walks back through the door with either a Kit Kat or M and Ms!! Next week at school she will have a Valentine's Day party so I will have to try and get some photos of her there.

Maegen taking her first bottle of formula...and loving it!!

John is doing fine and we found out that he received the orders he wanted so we will be staying put in San Diego for another three years. It's nice to know that we will be staying put as for the most part I love living in San Diego. He got the day off today as the super bowl was yesterday so it was nice to have an extra day with him. Mackenzie stayed home and we went out to this place called John's Incredible Pizza. (I think that's its name) Anyway it's this place where you can go and eat and play games and go on rides. The first time we ever went there was a Saturday night and it was crazy!! Today we went and the place was really quiet so Mackenzie was able to walk around and play on a bunch of games without us having to worry about her getting trampled!

All dressed up and being a goof ball!

As for me I'm doing good. As I mentioned before I'm feeling a little sense of freedom with Maegen taking the bottle now, although I have mixed emotions about her being on formula. I know how important breast milk is for an infant, but at the same time I want her to be happy and healthy and it seems that the formula is doing that for her. I'm sure by next week I'll be wondering why I was so worried!! I went to the doctors today for my post pregnancy check up and got a clean bill of health, so things are good. I have a little over six weeks to go before I'm back to work so I imagine if I thought I'm too busy now to write on here it's going to get even crazier then!!

Me and my girl!!

Hard at work

This weekend we are heading up to Disneyland which we are excited about. It will be Maegen's first trip there so I can't wait to get all those cute photos with the characters, not to mention get back on some rides!! The last few times we went I was very pregnant so had to take it easy so I'm looking forward to not having to be so careful!! I'll be sure to post pics of our big day!!

Maegen sleeping like the little angel she is!!