Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Up Date After Being MIA for a Few Weeks!!

Mackenzie now sits at the table for her meals!

Yes I know it's been a while, but I never seem to find the time to get on the computer these days. I'm lucky if I turn it on now one a week so you guys will have to be a little patient with me until John gets back to help me out with things. Mackenzie and I are both doing fine. We have settled into a routine of school and home and doing very little on the weekends. To be honest with you I have been feeling really tired these last few weeks. We got home and it takes every ounce of energy I have to stay awake, get dinner ready and get us both showered and prepared for the next day. I am really looking forward to John getting home so he can help out a little. Some days all I want to do is take a 10 maybe 15 minute nap, but I know I can't because Mackenzie is here so lately we come home and she starts begging for a princess movie. So I put on the one she chooses and I lay down on the couch and rest a little while she watches. She is obsessed with her princess movies at the moment. When ever we get home from where ever it is we might have been she starts saying "princess, princess" at the door until we get inside and she gets a movie on. I know I wanted her to be a Disney fan, but I think I may have created a monster!!

Enjoying her first meal at the big people table.

Mackenzie is doing great and is growing like a weed! I think John will be in for a bit of a surprise when he gets home because she looks like she's shot up a little height wise and she seems to be turning into a real little girl! She is keeping me really busy with her mischievous ways. She likes to run away from me whenever she gets the chance and I know every time she's being naughty because she giggles. She is also becoming quite the ring leader at school. I think she knows she gets away with a little more because her Mummy is just down the hall so some days she has all her friends getting up to no good along with her. Lately both classes have been napping together and the rule is when you wake up you have to stay on your bed till a certain time. Well not Mackenzie!! As soon as she's awake and she sees me she's up off her bed. Today we noticed that several of the kids just wait for her to wake up because they know once she's up then there is no keeping everyone down!! She now points out the colors green and purple everywhere we go and the other day she showed me a star and a circle on her shape board. It just blows me away how much she is learning!!

"Wait...can I still see the tv from here?"

John is doing fine and keeping busy with this exercise thing he's on. He was saying that while they were out they had some Australia politician on there and a team from Australian 60 Minutes, so all you Aussies will be able to see his ship if you get to see the episode. Don't look for him though as he told me he stayed away from the cameras. I believe he has another stop over in Hawaii at some point and then he will be heading home. As you already know I can't tell you dates, but we don't have too far to wait now.

Hanging out with her new princess baby.

As for me I'm doing fine. Like I mentioned before I'm a little tired, but apart from that I have no complaints. I think I've felt the baby move a couple of times, but most days I'm too exhausted to take the time to slow down and enjoy it! I have an appointment with the midwife this Thursday coming so I'm looking forward to hearing the heart beat and knowing that everything is ok.

This is how I found her the other day....right before we were meant to head out to the mall!

I really can't think of anything else to tell you all, except that we are definitely doing fine. Again if I don't get to update this thing weekly don't worry about us...I just haven't found the time to fit it into my schedule! If I'm having this much trouble now I'm never going to find the time when the second one comes along!! I will try real hard however to update this weekend so you all know how my appointment went! Until then...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some Familiar Accents!

Auntie Kate, Phil and Mackenzie

We had a nice long weekend this weekend as it was 4th of July here. Mackenzie and I didn't do much to celebrate the holiday as John was not here. It would have been nice to go see the fireworks like we normally do, but I didn't want to deal with all the traffic! Next year I guess.
We did however get a visit this week from my Auntie Kate (some of you also know her as Kathy) and her partner Phil which was great! Not only did we get to catch up with some family, but it was great to hear some Aussie accents. They really have the life at the moment. They have retired and for almost two and a half years now they have been traveling the world. They have been all over the place. Some countries I can remember them telling me are India, Vietnam, China, Germany and Croatia just to name a few. Then they have traveled through a lot of South America, the last country being Mexico before they stopped in to visit us on their way to Canada. As I write this they are currently driving up to Canada. Anyway it was great to see them. Mackenzie warmed up to both of them really quick, which I was surprised about. It has left me believing that it was their Aussie accents. It's my theory that she relaxed a little quicker with them because they sounded like me. We got to see them for two days where we would go visit them after work and have dinner.

Auntie Kate, Mackenzie and me.

Work has been fine and a little quiet at the moment. I'm thinking that with the holiday people decided to take some extra time off. This has meant that Mackenzie and I have gotten to go home early a few times which has been nice. This week is looking to be much of the same. On Friday we had a red, white and blue dress up day at school so here is a pick of Mackenzie dressed up the event. She added the sun glasses herself which have become her favorite accessory at the moment!!

Too cool for school!

John is doing good and I believe left Hawaii today. I have to admit I was a little peeved that I didn't know how long he was going to be there for. With the numbers being low at school it would have been a perfect time for a trip and Mackenzie and I could have spent more time with him. Now we are just counting down the days until he comes back home.
Mackenzie is doing great and is as active as ever!! She is becoming very opinionated and it seems has more words by the minute! She is becoming very good at verbalizing what it is she wants which can be a good and bad thing at times. Her new favorite things to do at the moment is to scream at the top of her lungs when she is super excited and to giggle when she knows she's being naughty. She's going to have changed a lot for John by the time he gets back.
As for me I'm doing fine. I feel like I'm forever tired, but apart from that it's still hard to believe that I'm actually pregnant as I have no other symptoms. I am finding though this time I seem to be having more pelvic pains than I did with Mackenzie...I hope that doesn't mean trouble down the road. My next appointment is July 29 so I'll be sure to ask about it then.

Enjoying a Popsicle/Icy pole after school!

This is evidence of the super excited screaming!

Checking out the birds at the zoo

On Sunday we went to the zoo to get out of the house for a little while. Mackenzie had a great time there. She wanted to walk around a lot and she loved watching the elephants, meerkats and monkeys just to name a few! I got her her very own meerkat so now he is added to the list of things to take when we go out...she always has to have a toy with her in the car now!
So a short week at work and not a lot planned for us. This weekend we really need to tidy up the house a little so I don't plan to do much...hope you have a great week!

Watching the monkeys!