Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're Still Alive!!

Sorry it's taken me so long to update the blog. Since John has gotten back I've had very little time for my cyber life which is actually quite refreshing! John has been home for two weeks now and things are slowly getting back to normal around here. It took Mackenzie a long time to adjust to her Daddy being home. I guess she's a rather reserved child and she spent most of the first day staring at him from my lap and giving him many dirty looks. She eventually warmed up to him only to go to bed that night and we were back to square one again. It took a little longer too because John is still working, so every third day has been a duty day for him where he doesn't come home for a 24 hour period. We are now finally at a better place where she loves hanging out with her Daddy.
To add to the last few hectic weeks both John and I have been really sick. I don't know if he bought it back with him or I gave it to him, but we both ended up with a terrible cold. My dreams of having someone help out around the house were cut short when John would take his medicine each night and pass out leaving me with all my usual chores! Unfortunately there was no rest for me, but we are both now feeling better.
Now I imagine you are all going to be thinking where are the photos!!? I finally got my new camera which I love and have taken a few shots. Tonight I came to download and I can't find the stupid connection cable!! I know it's here somewhere in the house, but between John tidying up for me and Mackenzie touching and hiding things she's not meant to the most important cord in the box is now missing so I haven't been able to get the photos on the computer. John has duty tonight so I'll check with him tomorrow and we will hopefully have some photos up soon.
Anyway I just wanted to let you all know that we are doing great, just a little short on time. I'll write some more soon!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter, an Earthquake...now Conjunctivitis!

All dressed up for school!

So Easter is over and done with and now we are counting down the days until John comes home. It's hard to believe that this time next week he should be home!! At the moment he is enjoying some time in Hawaii which I have to admit I am jealous of. The idea of a tropical island sounds really nice right now.
We've had a bit of a crazy week. I'm trying hard to get the house ready for John's arrival...meanwhile Mackenzie is trying her hardest to undo all my work! We didn't do much for Easter. Mackenzie got dressed up in her cute Easter dress for school on Friday and had a egg hunt there, so I have to admit that I got a little lazy. I figured next year she would be old enough to hold me accountable, not to mention she got more than enough goodies to hold her over! Today we did get some Easter eggs for Grandma and Auntie Binny so I think we are going to wait for Daddy to come home so he can help us to eat them.

Hanging out with her boyfriend Deuce

Easter Sunday however was a little exciting for other reasons! We had a pretty serious earthquake!! Mackenzie would not go to sleep in her bed so I ended up putting her in my bed and was hovering the whole time while she slept. While tidying up I discovered a natural disaster pamphlet that we were given at school, so I sat down and read it. Not 30 minutes later I think I felt the bed shaking, then I realize that it is shaking along with the rest of the house and there is also this scary kind of noise! It went on for what felt like forever!! The information booklet said that if you're in bed stay in there so I kind of hunched over Mackenzie and waited for it to finally end! Mackenzie woke up not long after that with a big smile on her face, so I'm not sure if she felt the bed move and thought I was playing with her or something like that.
The earthquake was a 7.2 (which was stronger than the one in Haiti) and was located in Mexico. It lasted about 40 seconds. There was a little damage done in San Diego, but most of the damage occurred in Mexico near the quake. Two people also lost their lives there. I have never experienced anything like that before, especially one that lasted that long. We have had several aftershocks since, but I've only felt a couple of those. Our house is fine and we are fine. Just a little excitement to our day!

True love!

So yesterday was our first day with our new boss and it definitely felt a little weird. Unfortunately I woke up with conjunctivitis/pink eye and was a little freaked because I knew I couldn't call out on her first day. I eventually told her my problem and she let me go home. I got doctors appointments for both Mackenzie and I; hers yesterday and mine today. We both have it! Both doctors have said we should stay home 24 to 48 hours. When I called yesterday to tell the new boss this she pressured me into saying I would come, but I woke up feeling worse than yesterday and when my doctor told me to stay at home I decided I would take a stand. She was actually nice about it and we should be back to work tomorrow. Mackenzie's eyes are looking great, mine on the other hand are still not feeling so great! I'm just hoping that we are both feeling 100% for John's homecoming.
This weekend will be a busy one for us. We have to (or should I say I have to) get the house as ready as I can with a busy toddler intent on destroying it. I hope you all have a good week!