Thursday, January 20, 2011

January Update!

Maegen relaxing on Mummy's bed

As per usual I've been meaning to update the blog but I'm always allowing time to get away from me. I can't believe we are almost at the end of January...time flies when you're having fun!! January has seen as getting back to normal. For the most part we are settling into life with Maegen and I'm starting to feel a little like I'm regaining control of my family. This month we've seen John go back to work and Mackenzie getting back into the routine of going to school and it's feels good to have that routine back.

Maegen with her favorite thing...her pacifier/dummy!

The first day John went back to work I was really scared of being on my own! Just my luck too his first day back was a duty day so he was gone for a whole 24 hour period. To make matters worse Mackenzie had to stay home from school as she was sick so I was home alone with the two girls. The day started out well enough and just as I thought that I was under estimating myself nighttime came and things got crazy! Just as I got Maegen settled Mackenzie would act up, then I would get Mackenzie settled and Maegen would start. It went on like this for several hours and got even better when Mackenzie threw up all over our bed due to her coughing! Once I finally got us all into bed it didn't end there because Mackenzie kept waking up through out the night crying for her Dad and not wanting me to do anything about it! I can safely say it was the worse night ever!! The next day John came home and both the girls were calm. I guess they just missed their Daddy!

Maegen is doing great and is the complete opposite of Mackenzie! She's a lot quieter, will allow me to swaddle her which means she sleeps better and has fallen in love with her pacifier/dummy which may or may not be a good thing. She has been a little slow to put on weight which meant we had an extra trip to the doctors last week, but the doctor was impressed with the weight she did put on so hopefully she'll continue to do good. I have to admit that I was a little worried about that because she seems to be eating fine, but until the doctor tells me I might have to use formula I plan to stay with breast feeding. At some point this week though we are going to start giving her bottles of breast milk so she is used to the bottle for when it's time to start school. She is becoming more and more observant when she is awake these days and she's just the cutest little thing!!

Mackenzie dropping a hint that she wants to go back to Disneyland!

"Please can we go see Mickey!?"

Mackenzie is as busy as ever!! She likes to help out with Maegen every now and then, but we definitely have to keep an eye on her because she'll start out gentle with her but seems to get a little excited and can be a little rough sometimes. She loves to give her kisses and get in her face and call out "Maegen wake up!" every time she notices she's asleep.
Like I mentioned earlier she's been a little under the weather with a cold, but this week she's doing a lot better and there is no more disgusting, snotty nose. She's been going to school and dropping her off can be a challenge. As soon as we walk in the door she gets upset and starts crying her big crocodile tears which is heart breaking. I have been leaving her in the arms of her teacher and leaving before I take her back home with me! When we go to pick her up she's always happy though so I know she loves it there. Today she made me laugh because when we walked through the door everyone started saying hello to her and she made this really grumpy face and started stamping her feet as we walked to her classroom. As I left her though she only made a little whimper so I'm hoping there wasn't too many tears!!
We managed to break one of my before kids rules (I don't think I have any left now) and Mackenzie now has a tv in her room. I wanted her to like Disney, but I think I've created a monster!! Every waking minute of the day she's wanting to watch something and after you have seen the same thing over and over you start to go a little insane!! John suggested we get it as a bribe to get her to sleep in her own room and so far it's worked! It's probably the worse thing we could have ever done, but my girl is happy and that's all that matters!!

This is Mackenzie glued to whatever she's watching!!

A princess tv for a princess!

John is doing good and like I mentioned before is back at work. I think in a way he was happy to go back to regain a little sanity! This week he re-enlisted for another 3 years and at the moment we are waiting to see if he gets the next duty station he has applied for. If he does get it we will be staying in San Diego for the next few years to come. He is such a great help around the house for me and I am really glad to have him home, as I don't think I could do this on my own!!

Maegen's first bath....she wasn't too happy!!

Much happier with her pacifier/dummy!

Being wrapped up and warm is much better!!

As for me I'm hanging in there. I am definitely a lot more confident these days, although going from one child to two was quite an adjustment!! There are still times when I feel a little over whelmed, but I wouldn't swap it for the world!! I was hoping to get back into my studies this semester, but it doesn't look like I'm going to get the class I was hoping for. In a way it might be a good thing so as not to get too busy, but I know the longer I leave it the harder it's going to be to get back into it. I also have a date for returning back to work. March 28 will be Maegen's and my first day back and as you can imagine part of me is looking forward to getting back and the other part of me wishes I could stay home forever! So for now I'm just going to enjoy the time that I do have at home. Until next time...

Mackenzie going for a ride on her bike!

Taking a ride on a carousel!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The Stash!!

Yes it occurred almost a month ago now, but I figure better late than never!! Christmas came and went in a bit of a blur as Maegen was only four days old!! We had John's Mom Ruth visiting and Dakota was here too so we had a full house!

Mackenzie opening gifts!

Mackenzie had a lot of fun at first!! She would pick up a gift and rip it open regardless of if it was hers or not! Eventually however that became kind of old to her and we had a very hard time getting her to open the rest of her gifts. We had also got her a little tricycle, so once she saw that she didn't want to look at anything else!!

Maegen managed to sleep through most of the day!

Surrounded by her gifts!

I guess she liked the look of this shirt!!

It was a nice and quiet day and I believe everyone liked what they got!!

Her favorite gift of all!!

Testing out her bike.

Dad giving her a little help

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mackenzie's Christmas Performance

Enjoying snack with her class before the big performance!

The Thursday before Maegen's arrival was Mackenzie's Christmas performance at school. It's a big day at school! All the classes present a song or two that they work on for weeks, Santa is there to hand out gifts and then they have a pot luck party for lunch.

Relaxing with Daddy .

I have to admit I had little confidence that Mackenzie would co-operate! I assumed that as soon as she saw all those strangers/parents she would freak out and begin to scream her high pitched scream, ruining her classes performance. I was very nervous for my baby. When we arrived it was a little crazy in her room as parents tried to drop off their children without little fuss. Mackenzie of course as a little upset so we ended up staying in her room until we were kicked out. She actually allowed us to leave without any fuss, so we went outside to wait for our little girls big debut!

Hanging out with some of her class mates.

The whole thing was really cute!! Each class, including the 1 year olds (which is my class when I'm there) did a little performance. The 1's did Jingle Bells and although they didn't sing, they shook their bells throughout the whole song! They performed better than Mackenzie's class! You all know how 2 year olds can be...most of them stood like deers caught in head lights and class participation was at a minimum!

Here she comes!!

Mackenzie chose not to participate!!

Mackenzie surprised me!! She walked out with her class and sat down surveying all the strangers/parents in front of her. She chose not to perform, but she didn't freak out either which was what I expected her do. She sat there for some time looking about and when she did finally manage to find John and I in the crowd she began to cry. My director shot me a look and I went and scooped up my baby, extremely proud that she lasted that long!

"Where are you Mummy and Daddy?"

Not the most lady like is she!?

The "real" Santa came to hand out their gifts!

After all the classes had performed Santa arrived to hand out gifts. Santa was amazing!! Even I got excited to see him as he really did look like the real thing! With Mackenzie being like she is around strangers we had not taken her to meet Santa. I didn't see the point in freaking her out just for a photo, so I didn't hold out much hope that she would want to go anywhere near him! When her name was called John took her up towards Santa and handed her over to him. I braced for the scream and got the camera ready to get what I could, but to my surprise she went to Santa and sat on his lap! She posed for photos and got her gift! I received a big lesson that day that I should never under estimate my little girl!! Great job Mackenzie!!

"Thanks Santa!"

"Hurry up and get the shot Mum!"

Opening her gift with some help from Daddy

Back at home after a busy day!