Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bond's Girl

In her Bond's pj that Auntie Binny got her!

Sunday night was the first night Mackenzie wore her Bond's pjs! Auntie Binny is always asking for photos of her when she wears the clothes she bought her, but most of them are way too big! She is now finally big enough to wear her pjs and she looked so cute in them!! She looked like such a big girl. I just wanted to wake her up and squeeze her all night! For my American readers who are wondering just what the big deal is about these Bond's pjs, it's just a major brand in Australia, kind of like Hanes I guess. They make underwear and baby clothes. They make the cutest little what we call singlets for babies (which I guess look like wife beaters) and Mackenzie has enough of them to last her till she turns 2!! (Thanks Mum and Binny!)

We haven't been doing much of anything lately. On Saturday though we did go over to Brittny's house to watch Twilight. Brittny and her sister are obsessed with all things Twilight. They have read all the books and were quite excited about the movie! I thought the movie was ok, but I think I would have liked it a lot more if I had read the books. It was a good night though. We ate junk food, watched the movie and it was just good to have some grown up conversation! When we first got there Brittny passed Mackenzie to Dave (her husband) and Mackenzie started screaming!! Poor Dave! She is obviously not used to seeing males! I wonder what she's going to be like when she first sees her Daddy? After she had settled she went back to Dave and had a great time.
Speaking of Brittny and Dave, today they officially found out that they are going to have a baby! I've been holding on to that secret since Sunday and I'm so happy for them!! They were a great support to me while I was pregnant. Brittny was there to see Mackenzie come into the world so I'm glad that it has finally happened for them. Her due date is almost exactly the same as my original due date was when they told me November, so Mackenzie will have a new friend almost a year younger than her!

Today Mackenzie is 16 weeks old and she is getting bigger and bigger! I weighed her today on the Wii Fit and she's 13.6 pounds! She's been rolling over every now and then, mainly from her tummy to her back and yesterday was the first time I heard a big giggle. It was the cutest!! I tried to make laugh again today, but she wasn't having it! This week she's been doing this thing at night where she'll go to sleep for about 10 to 15 minutes, then wake up again and cry for the next 30 or so minutes! It gets a little draining after a while. Tonight was a little better, she went back to sleep without the tears so I'm hoping we are seeing the end of that!
My cousin Amanda wrote on her blog about Henry out growing his bath and I'm starting to have the same problem! Unfortunately though I don't have the little helpers that Amanda does so at the moment I'm trying to make do with her bath. Some days though I think we end up with more water out of the bath than we do in!! Another reason John needs to hurry up and come home! I seem to be needing his help more and more!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

One of the beautiful buildings at Balboa Park!

Well I am hoping that the computer is finally fixed! I had my Geek Squad friend back today and he basically reset the computer, wiping everything off it and put on new security software for me. The funny thing was that last night I believe the stupid computer fixed itself!! My security software told me that I had a file that needed to be taken off the computer and that I needed to restart the computer then do a scan, which I did and the little icon thing disappeared! I couldn't believe that after all this time it would actually do something about it! I decided to still have the computer reset just to be on the safe side. Fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong with it!

More of Balboa Park.

On Monday Mackenzie and I went for a stroll though Balboa Park. It's this beautiful park here that houses a whole bunch of museums, lots of gardens, the zoo, a little art community and lots of old Spanish inspired buildings! It was such a nice day and it was nice to get out in the fresh air! Mackenzie had a great time and I took her out so she could have a little look around by the fountain, then we headed home. I guess we timed our visit well because when we got back to the car there were a bunch of cars circling the parking lot. I had two cars fighting over my spot! I could barely get out with the two of them trying to muscle in!

This is a big green house thing that you can walk through.

Mackenzie and her friend enjoying the fresh air!

A self portrait of us all dressed up in our green!

We dressed up for St Patrick's Day, but we didn't do much. We just hung out around the house. Mackenzie is growing so fast! This week I actually packed away her newborn sized clothes which made me a little sad. I kind of want to keep her small just as much as I love watching her grow! She's rolling over now. I can get her to roll from her tummy to her back, but she's yet to roll the other way.
John is still out to sea and should be back in Bahrain around the end of the month. Once he gets back he should be able to tell us when he is coming home, so that is the news I'm waiting to hear! I can't wait to have him home!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Very Long Week!

Mackenzie and her new doll!

It's been a week that I'm so glad is over! Mackenzie has been testing me a lot. My computer got a virus. I've got next to no study done and I'm just kind of tired. Losing the computer was tough. I do all my study on it and at the moment it's the only way I communicate with John, so as you can imagine I was not happy when I realised I had a virus! I also discovered how addicted I am to facebook! I was going crazy not being able to see what everyone was up too! I guess I need to go out and get myself a life! (smile)
So the virus! It's actually quite scary/smart the way they do it. On Wednesday I turn on the computer and these messages start popping up and it looks like my computer is doing a scan and then it tells me that I have infections on the computer. They make it look like it's part of the windows program so I follow the directions and get to a page where it tells me that I have to purchase a program. When I get to that I stop and think 'wait a minute'!! I use my own security thing and it scans and tells me everything is fine. From there I try to go on the Internet and every time I try to do something I get a screen that tells me I have to purchase the program to fix my computer. Then I realise I'm in trouble. Somehow I've managed to pick up a virus, so I try to see if I can fix it, but knowing nothing about computers I know I'm not going to be able to do anything about it. I try to call McAfee who are the security option that I use and they want to charge me! When they tell me this I'm talking to an Indian who I can barely understand so I lose on him!! I can't believe they want to charge me to fix something that their program should have stopped in the first place! Anyway this is starting to get a little long and whiny so to cut a long story short I had to pay someone to come out and fix it. I won't even tell you how much that cost me. One thing though it was kind of scary at how much they make it look like a windows program. The guy who came out told me that they do that so people buy the program which is kind of bogus. What they want is your bank details which they in turn sell them. You are also at the mercy of these people by where you go on the be careful!

On Tuesday Mackenzie and I went to Target for a little shopping. I think she's a shopper already because she cries until I pick her up out of the stroller/pram. Once she's up she looks around and loves it! Anyway I saw the doll and showed it to her. She smiled and reached for it so I just had to buy it! She's so cute with it too. I'll put it next to her and she hugs it, then it goes straight into her mouth! She also sleeps with her too. Now I have two babies in the bed! (smile) She is sleeping in her own bed, mainly during the day. I've kind of decided that John can help me with this problem when he gets home because I'm a little tired of failing!

This is Mackenzie after we got home and she finally took a nap!

John is doing fine and still out to sea. He actually called yesterday which was what I needed this week. His first question for me was, "Why haven't you emailed me?" For a split second I thought maybe I should stop writing more often! I know that he can't call me when he's out at sea all the time, so it was nice to hear his voice. I think he'll be out for at least another two weeks so I have my fingers crossed that he'll be back in Bahrain soon.
I can hear Mackenzie waking so it's time for me to go...till next time!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another uneventful week!

Just a quick note to update you all! There is not a whole lot to tell all as it was basically another quiet week for us. We didn't do very much at all except for the usual stuff of study and hang out. Mackenzie is doing great and seems to be getting bigger with every day. She is just the cutest!! She is a little chatterbox these days. We have quite a few conversations. She even had a big talk with Grandma Chris on the phone the other day, and I'm sure that made Mum's day.
As for the whole bed situation. She's sleeping in her own bed during the day, but then she's in my bed at night. She just doesn't settle at night and we both end up getting stressed out. I'm at the point where it can now wait for John to come home because I really need the help. This is one challenge where I'm at the point of admitting defeat!
John is still at sea and I don't believe he'll be back in Bahrain until the end of the month. I'm beginning to think that he'll never get back there! This has definitely been a long two months. I will be a very happy girl when he is done with this deployment once and for all!
We don't have anything planned for this week. Today was our first day of daylight saving and Mackenzie seems to have made the adjustment reasonably well. The last week or so she's been waking up at around 6 so I think she made the transition before the time did! (smile) Today she woke up at her regular time of 7ish!! Tonight she was a little unsettled, but she's now sleeping like a little angel so it's all good! I haven't uploaded any photos yet, so I'll do another post once I have that done! Till next time!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Three Months Old Today!

Sleeping in her own's working ok during the day, but nights are real tough!

Well we've reached another milestone, and I can't believe my baby is 3 months old! Time just goes too fast! As I type this Mackenzie is taking a nap in her own bed which took some time, but we eventually got there! Night time however is a totally different story! I'm still going to try and put her down in there, but she'll be sleeping with me if she doesn't settle. At the moment I just don't see the point when she sleeps so great in my bed. I know those words will come back to haunt me at some point, but it really stresses me out to have her scream all that time!
Anyway, she's awake now so Happy 3 months old today Mackenzie!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

School Work Completed...Next Task Mackenzie in Her Own Bed!

This is Mackenzie one hour in to trying to get her to sleep!

Five minutes after I took these pics she was asleep!

So I survived my week of lots of study and everything got handed in on time! It was actually kind of good in a way because I was a lot more organised and did a lot less procrastinating. I learnt that I can get a lot accomplished in my day if I just stick to the task and don't allow myself to be distracted! Sunday night I was down to my final paper and had about a quarter of it still to write. With the clock at about five hours to go all I had to do was get Mackenzie to sleep so I could finish it up. These photos of her are her attempts to stop me from reaching my goal. She just wouldn't go to sleep! She just kept on talking and smiling, then she would talk some more. She was just so cute that I had to take some photos, five minutes later she was asleep and I got my paper finished with time to spare!
Apart from school work we didn't do much else last week. On Saturday we did catch up with my friends for lunch which was great. Mackenzie was a lot more friendlier to my friend Marisa, although she did sit across from the table most of the time eyeing Marisa suspiciously! She even spoke and smiled a little to the girls so I think she's getting a little more comfortable around people. It was a beautiful weekend here, so Mackenzie got to wear some of her cooler outfits, which she looked so cute in!

Her outfit that Grandma Ruth got for her.

So this week starts the task of getting Mackenzie to sleep in her own bed. I'm actually starting today and right now as I type she is starting to voice her unhappiness at being in her bed. Why can't I just keep her in the bed with me...she sleeps through the night!!?! Why did I ever start this bad, bad habit!!?! She's breaking my heart! Please go to sleep!
We don't have anything planned this week. I'm just getting through the study and trying to keep my house in order. That is another reason why I need to get her sleeping in her own bed, at least during the day. I don't get much done some days because I'm laying down with her trying to get her to sleep. Ladies, don't ever take your husbands for granted! I could really do with having mine around some days.
Speaking of John, he's still out to sea and will probably be there until the end of March. It feels like forever! I don't like him being out for this long, because I don't get to talk to him as much as I want too. The good thing about it for him is that his time flies by. Once he finally does get back to Bahrain we should get to know exactly when he will be coming home.
There really isn't much else to tell you all! We just get through our days as best as we can and I try to get as much as I can accomplished. I'm getting there, but could always manage my time a little better. Maybe once I do get Mackenzie taking naps in her own bed I'll be on the right path. Wish me luck!!...It's very quiet now, maybe she's asleep? small victory to me!

Mackenzie's original Valentine's Day outfit before the weather turned cold!