Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where did September go?

I can't believe that next week we will be heading into October!! In a way it's good because it brings John closer to coming home, but on the other hand I'm starting to feel like I'm running out of time to get things organised for the baby!! She's going to be here before we know it and we still haven't settled on a name! I think this is the hardest part of it all. John and I can't seem to agree on too many names. He keeps telling me to look and give him more, then for probably every five I give him he will only like one! My other dilemma is because I work with children some names I just won't choose because I know a child with that name! Fingers crossed we have a name before she arrives.
My baby shower is going to be on the 18th of October! Do you like my invitations. My friend Sasha who is organising the party for me and has been nice enough to have it at her house found these on line and I just love them! You move her little blanket and the information is behind it! I'm looking forward to the shower and will be sure to take plenty of photos for the blog!

I've had yet another uneventful week. My doctors appointment went well and my sugar levels are still at a point where I don't need insulin. I'm hoping it stays that way until I give birth because the last thing I want to be doing is giving myself injections. I have two appointments in the following week. I have an ultrasound appointment on the 8th and my regular appointment on the 9th so that will be keeping me busy. I keep telling John as soon as this baby is born I want chocolate milk and pizza!! Being good all the time gets a little old after a while.
Today I went shopping for a few things and ended up finding this cute little piggy bank for the baby! With the tough economic times she's going to be born into I figured it's never too early for her to start saving for her future. I have already emptied my purse and will have to raid John's truck so I can begin to fill it up!

John is doing good and is currently in Greece again. He has had the weekend off to so he sounds relaxed. He can't tell me when he will be leaving but I'm sure it will be some time next week. He should also have an answer on his leave in December which I'm looking forward to. I just want to know that he will be here for the birth!
So this is what I look like at the moment. I guess I'm starting to look pregnant as I'm getting asked a lot more by our parents at work. Some people however can't believe how far pregnant I am because they have only just noticed. I'm hoping that with all the healthy eating once the baby is born I'll come out of this being smaller than what I started!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

She's really a girl!!

Today I went to a place called the Ultrasound Experience where you can get a 4D look at your baby. One of my other pregnant friends went there first and told me all about it, but suggested I waited until 28 weeks so I could get pictures of the baby once she is a little more developed and fattened up! I wasn't disappointed at all! It was amazing to see her and basically know that this is what our baby is going to look like!

First thing we did was verify that she's definately a girl. I was still a little unsure of what I was looking at, but the techician said she was 100% sure that she is a girl. At the moment she is basically in a breach position which her head at the top of my tummy and her feet down in my lower tummy. Now I know why I get kicked around down there all the time!

She basically spent the whole time with her hands and feet up around her face. While we were looking at her we got to see some facial expressions like her yawning, what looked like a smile and a frown. We could also see her swallow!

With the session I paid for I got a dvd of the experience and a cd with all the photos the technician took. I also got some colour and black and white pics. I also got a cute photo in a frame because I was referred by some one. I wonder what she will get? I'm going to be sending the dvd over to John so he can get a look at his little girl!

My friend Brittny came along with me, so it was nice to have someone there to experience it all with me. We both couldn't believe how clear the pictures were and how cute she looked!!

My week was a little rough this week. I'm starting to feel pregnant now. I'm getting tired a lot easier than what I used to and lifting some of the babies I care for is starting to prove hard. I'm starting to wonder how much longer I am going to be able to keep up with work. I have a docotors appointment on Wednesday coming up so I'm going to be asking some questions about how much I should be lifting, and if it's time to stop working with the babies, especially the older ones which is what I do. I don't want to stop working, but I'm going to be putting myself and the baby before my job.

On Wednesday night I went out to dinner with the girls from work. There are quite a few of them now who have been smart enough to move onto better paying jobs so it's always good to keep in contact with them. So far I haven't made any friends outside of those I work with, so it's very important to me to make sure I keep them around! We had a good night catching up with everyone.

John is doing good and will be celebrating his birthday next week. He is actually going out to sea again on his birthday, so I guess it will be all work for him. I am hoping that he'll be able to keep in better contact this time around because 2 weeks of not hearing from me drives me a little crazy! He's in the process of applying for leave to come home for the baby's birth, so I can't wait to hear that it's all been approved and that he's really coming home. Then I guess I have to keep my fingers crossed that the baby waits for her Daddy to come home before she makes her arrival!
Anyway I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of the baby before she arrives as much as I did. I may be bias, but I think she's the cutest little girl already!! I can't wait to meet her!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lots of Pink!

So I told you last week that I would add some pics of some of the clothes I've either bought or have been given so far for the baby. I chose some of the cutest to add so you could all take a look. When I got places now I want to buy lots...but I'm trying to be good for now. Next Saturday I am having a 4-D ultra sound, so I'm figuring with that I will definitely know she's a girl and will start buying some more! This week I went and bought some bottles and spent a lot of money!! I chose these bottles called Born Free because they don't have that chemical in them that has been in the news lately. I think John almost had a heart attack when I told him how much they were, but I also think he's happy with the choice. So here's a little look at our little girls wardrobe....

Cassie, one of the girls I work with bought her says "this is my little black dress"

I bought this one. It's a three set of onesies with a cowgirl theme. I also got matching bibs for this for outfits...I thought this was so cute!!

My friend Nancy who I used to work with got me this shirt, which I think is cute! Maybe we'll have to go to Texas so she can wear this!

I got this Mickey doll when we went to Disneyland for my birthday. We had just found out we were pregnant! I'm hoping she will share her Mummy's love of Mickey Mouse!

These outfits are part of a package she got from her Auntie Paula. The pants are so cute and have little love hearts on them. I love the shirts too!

This is another outfit from Auntie Paula which is so cute. Paula got her a few more outfits which I also love!

This is a little robe I found when I was out shopping with one of my friends. When I saw it I just had to have's so cute!

This outfit she will have to grow into!! It's our home football team which is Daddy's favorite team! I got her a bigger size so by the time the next football season is here she'll be able to wear this for game day! It's so cute!!

This is her bedding set. It is cute with lots of flowers and butterflies. I haven't taken it out of the packaging yet as I want to make sure she's really a girl before I start washing all of this stuff!
Speaking of the baby, she is doing well and is becoming more and more active these days! My doctors visit this week went well and he was very happy with my progress with my diabetes and the baby. I'm back to the doctors in two weeks...that if I can get an appointment! I was hoping to see the same doctor, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. I've been trying to call the hospital now for a week and each time I get a recording telling me to leave my information and they will call me back in 24 to 72 hours. I'm still waiting for a call. It's becoming very frustrating when you're required to make appointments, but can't! I wonder if the doctors know how difficult it is to get an appointment when they tell you when they want to see you next?
John is doing good and is settled into his new flat. He said it's not as good as the one he had when he was there last time, but it will do. He's beginning to look into tickets for coming home for the baby's birth. I'm hoping he can come home for at least three weeks, but I'll take whatever the Navy will give us.
I forgot to tell you all of the drama I had last week with our computer. Basically the Microsoft web cam I bought to use Skype crashed my computer. So it was a little stressful trying to get it fixed. I was on the phone with someone for over an hour and in the end I had to wipe the computer clean which meant we lost a lot of stuff! Thank goodness I had all our photos backed up, but there was a lot of stuff we didn't have backed up...some I don't think I'll ever remember. I'm slowly getting things back on there and I guess will eventually get Skype back on the computer. I just need to get another web cam. What I think was the most frustrating thing out of it all was that the web cam I originally purchased was a Microsoft product and we have a Microsoft system. It blows my mind that they make products that aren't compatible with their own systems!! Maybe Mr Gates should spend some of his money on fixing that!!
Next week I'll have some great pics of the baby after the ultra sound. I know they are also making a DVD, so I will see if I can download that as well...till next week!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Big Baby Buy!

As the title shows I have begun to purchase all the stuff that is needed for this baby. I registered at Target, which took me forever and I'm slowly getting myself organised. This weekend I bought a bedding set and some blankets and stuff and of course some of the cutest outfits I've ever seen. Part way through all the selecting for the registry and things I bought I thought to myself that she had better be a girl, because I have a lot of pink!! I was going to take photos of some of the stuff I've got so far, but I've just run out of time. My weekend next weekend is going to be a quiet one, so I'll be sure to take some pics for you all to see.
All is going well here. Work has been busy as we have a lot of new babies starting. I started to get a little worried that our baby is going to pick up on some bad habits with all the crying she's been hearing lately!! I'm always happy to get into my quiet, calmer room because I have the older more settled babies. I'm still being able to get through the day without feeling too worn out. Sometimes I do get a pain in my back and in my hip, but most days I'm doing good. At the moment I feel like I'll be able to work right up till the end, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. The diet has me still dropping weight, so I'm starting to grow into my pregnancy. Some of the girls at work have begun to tease me a little because my pants are falling off me. I'm wondering if I can get through the pregnancy without having to buy any maternity pants. Maybe I can, but I'll probably explode in my last month!! The baby has been moving about non-stop today, so I'm guessing she's going through a growth spurt...that or she just wanted to make sure I knew she was there!!
John is doing good and has moved into his flat this week. He chose one close to the base so he can walk to work. We have already gotten through our first month and have only 11 to go. I'm hoping that the rest of the months go as quickly as this one. I just can't wait till he comes home for the birth of the baby.
Tomorrow I'm back to the doctors and it's been nice to have a break from going there every week. My sugars have been pretty good lately so I can't imagine that he's going to change anything. I'm just happy that I'm seeing the doctor that I prefer. The other one that I was seeing wasn't really my favourite. He never really answered my questions. I'm hoping that with this appointment he will spend a little more time on the baby instead of me. If anything out of the ordinary happens I'll write a quick note tomorrow!!
Oh, and for anyone who wants to take a look my registry can be found at or at a target store and it's registered under my name...Jodi Douglas

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

This weekend was a long weekend for us, so I am enjoying a relaxing Monday! I had a busy weekend, but the best thing was that I finally got to hear from John. On Sunday he arrived in Kuwait for a day and had basically been out to sea on a ship with broken email! He is now on his way back to Bahrain and things should go back to normal which is something I am really looking forward to. We have already gotten through our first month so now there are only eleven to go!! That still sounds like forever!!
On Saturday my friend Brittny and I went to the scrapbooking expo which I really enjoyed. At first when we walked in we were completely over whelmed by everything there. There was everything you could imagine and more from paper to scrapbooking cruises! We walked around taking it all in and eventually started spending some money. I was actually surprised that I didn't go over board and only purchased a few things. We also had a class at the expo. It was an organisation class which was good, but not what I thought it would be. I was looking for a class that would give me all sorts of information on how to better organise my work space and scrapbooks. I did get some, but the lady was there to sell a product so most of the presentation centered around her over priced pieces.
I haven't been feeling too good this weekend. I'm not sure if I'm getting sick, but I've just been feeling blah. Last night I got very little sleep and I just feel exhausted. I'm hoping I'll be back to feeling better for work tomorrow. The baby is doing great and moving around a lot, but her Mummy could do with some extra sleep!
I don't have anything planned for this week so far, but I'll be sure to write a few lines to let you all know how everything is going...till then!!