Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

"Wow what a lot of pumpkins!"

A couple of weeks ago now we took Mackenzie to the pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins for Halloween. She has been learning about pumpkins at school so when we got there she was fascinated by the sea of orange pumpkins! Unfortunately it was a pretty wet day by San Diego standards so we didn't stay for too long, but it was plenty of time for Mackenzie to walk around and look at the really big pumpkins (we didn't buy any of those) and for us to pick some pumpkins to take home with us!

"Orange pumpkin"

The place we went to is Bates Nut Farm which is a bit of a drive but is really cute as they have a nice country store there and lots of extra things for the kids to do like a corn maze and hay rides. Lucky for us Mackenzie is still a little too young to realize what she was missing out on as we didn't do any of that due to the rain, but she was happy to see some animals then get back into the car to watch her Nemo movie!

Too excited about the pumpkins to pose with Dad.

"Ok Mum just one photo!"

As of yet we haven't carved our pumpkins but with it being Halloween tomorrow we need to do it either today or tomorrow I guess! We ended up with one for carving and then we got Mackenzie this kit with all sorts of facial features that she can press into the pumpkins to make faces (kind of like a Mr Potato Head I guess) so we got her a couple of little ones for her to make faces with. I'll take some photos of that, and will hopefully get them up on the blog real soon!

She loved walking about the pumpkin patch!

One of the lucky pumpkins coming home with us!!

So many pumpkins to choose from!!

The two lucky little pumpkins to come home with us. She loves to carry them all over the house!!

Watching some tv with her new friends!

We are all doing good and still as busy as ever!! John took some time off work over the past week and was able to get the painting done on the two rooms that we are swapping to make room for the baby. It was nice having his help in the mornings to get me and Mackenzie ready for work! We ended up going with pink for the girls new room and it is definitely pink!! We are still organizing it so once it is done I'll get some picks of that!! For all of you who celebrate Halloween I hope you have a happy one!!

I wanted John to take a photo of my growing belly...he took that literally and cut my head off!! But this is me at about 29 - 30 weeks. (I have a terrible time of remembering just how many weeks I am this pregnancy!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sea World

On a ride with Daddy at Sea World

Yes, I know it's been a while, but I'm not even going to bore you with my excuses! At the moment if I'm not at work I just want to go to sleep, and of course with an almost two year old that never happens, so as soon as she is in bed so am I!! We are all doing good however. We just seem to have a lot on and sitting in front of the computer seems to be sliding further and further down my list of priorities. So where do I begin....

All dressed up to play in the water and totally not interested!

John got back from his final trip at sea just in time for his birthday which was really nice. I don't think we have celebrated a birthday together in about two years now so it was nice to have him home. We went to Sea World and it was a great day. Mackenzie had a blast looking and sometimes touching all the different animals and managed to stay awake the whole entire day. Our plan was to stay as long as she could handle, but in the end it was me who ended up feeling very tired and pregnant so we headed home. We had a little birthday cake and it was an early night for us all!

Who wants to play when there is all the animals to see!?

Mackenzie is doing great and keeping us very busy! I can't remember from the last time I wrote, but she is already visiting occasionally with the two year old class and seems to be doing fine as long as her best friend Deuce is with her. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first because it's a bigger class with more kids, but she knows the teacher, most of the kids and she seems to really enjoy herself when she's there, so I guess she fine.
The both of us have been a little sick with a head cold which kept coming and going. The last two Fridays saw us both feeling terrible and her with fevers so we ended up coming home early from school and getting into bed. We took Mackenzie to the doctor several times out of concern for ear infections and chest infections, but everything always checked out ok and we were told that we just had to let it run it's course. We both seem to be doing a lot better this week, so fingers crossed we are out of the worst of it!

Checking out some fish.

John is doing good and has been kept busy the last couple of weeks getting some sort of qualifications done on the ship. Last week was crazy for him as he was leaving home by 5:30 in the morning and not getting home until 7 or 8 at night! Now that that is all over and done with life is beginning to settle down a little more and we can now attempt to begin to get ready for the baby. Next week he is taking some time off as we are changing rooms around and he needs to do some painting and stuff. Mackenzie's current room is a little too small for both girls so our plan is to swap our computer room for the girls room. Who knows Mackenzie may even start to sleep in this new and improved room!!....more on that later!!

Looking and touching the string rays!

Looking and touching the star fish.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

As for me and the baby we are both doing fine. As I think I always mention she is a lot more active than I ever remember Mackenzie being which is a little scary. I promise to scan the pics from my ultra sound one of these days, but they say she is doing great and her growth is right on track. I finally got to do the gestational diabetes test and as I expected I failed the one hour test and had to go do the three hour one. I was really pissed off, but I went and did the three hour and received some good news as technically I don't have it, but I failed the third hour by one point so they had me go to the diet class. I did that today and ended up picking up a tester so I can keep an eye on my sugar levels. The last thing I want is to attempt to deliver a 10+ pound baby, so I'm think positive thoughts about this and hoping that I lose the weight I have put on with the pregnancy.
So that is a basic catch up. I have some more photos and stories, but I need to go pick up Mackenzie from school so hopefully I'll be able to write a little more soon. I'm not too sure of John's painting agenda either, so if the computer gets packed away it might take a little longer still! Until then....