Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm tired!!

Well my title says it all really...these days I'm just really tired! I'm sleeping ok, but it takes a while to find that comfortable spot to drift off, and then I'm waking up several times a night to use the bathroom. The baby also loves to get active as I'm trying to go to sleep. The other night my stomach was moving about like crazy, which was kind of strange to see! One minute she was on one side of my tummy, then she pushing up on the other side!
I had my regular two week doctors appointment this week and everything is going well. He was happy with my sugar levels, so hopefully they will remain this way until I give birth. My next appointment is in another two weeks and then they become weekly. I also have an appointment at the fetal monitor unit (I think that's what it is called). I believe I'm going to be hooked up to some kind of machine which allows them to really monitor the baby. I'm not sure how many times I'll be going to that place or if it's just a one off thing! So on Thursday I made all my appointments which go up until the day before my due date. It was a little surreal to see them all because there isn't that many!! I just want her to wait until John comes home before making her arrival!
Speaking of John, he is doing good and still out to sea. I have had a few phone calls as he has access to a satellite phone which has been great. I don't get to talk to him for long, but it's better than not hearing from him at all. He keeps telling me that he'll be back in Bahrain soon, so I'm hoping it will be in the next week or so. I'm just really looking forward to having him come home in December.
I've also decided on a date for leaving work. My last day will be November 21st, which isn't too far away!! I was going to work the following week as well, but that week is Thanksgiving and it's a three day week. It's also a quiet week at work, so I'm sure they will do fine without me. I'm ready to leave. My days seem to feel a little longer and I'm feeling tired and a little sore at the end of each day. I figured with the three weeks before my due date I'll have time to get the house in order and relax a little.
This Friday coming is Halloween and I'm looking forward to it. We are having a parade at work so the children can dress up and I love seeing all the babies in their costumes. So far I know we will be seeing a giraffe, a sheep and a cowboy so I can't wait to see them all. I also have my candy ready for all the trick and treaters that will come to the house. I'll be sure to have some photos for next week!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Baby Shower

My cake...I forgot to get a photo before it got cut.
It said "Congrats Mate on your girl!" It was very
yummy too!

This is my friend Sasha who opened her home and
organised the shower!!

Me and Dakota!

My friends Jennifer (who's due about 3 weeks
after me) and Chrissy.

My friend Brittny!

My friend Cassie who got the baby these really
cute bath is a koala and the other
is a kangaroo! She also bought the wonderful cake.

This is a pic of all the presents we got! I'm extremely
So yesterday was the baby shower and I had a fantastic day. I've added just a few photos here and the rest will be on my facebook and myspace accounts. It was a really great opportunity to catch up with friends, especially the ones I no longer work with. We had lunch, played some games, had cake and opened the gifts, plus a lot of catching up with one another. The games were really cute. One was where they had to memorise a bunch of chocolate bars, then make up a story about the baby using as many of the chocolate bars as they could remember. As we still don't have a name the girls used our old name of Banjo! Another game was that they had to draw a picture of a baby with the paper on their heads and the pen was not allowed to leave the paper. There were a lot of interesting babies!! The other games included a bunch of questions about me to see how well they know me and estimating the size of my belly by cutting a piece of string. In that game some of the girls must of thought I'd doubled in size!! It was a good day. Dakota came along and it was good to see her. She is fast becoming a teenager! She is doing good and is keeping busy with school. She will be 13 in November!
My other good news is that we now have official word of John coming home for the baby's birth and have purchased his ticket home. He will be here for about three weeks, arriving December 8th and leaving on the 27th. I am so happy that he will be here for the baby's first Christmas!! We were under the impression that he would probably only be able to come home for about two weeks, so I'm really happy he was able to get the extra time. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the baby waits until her Daddy gets home before making her appearance!
I've had a pretty easy going week. We had a lot of infants out on vacation this week so I got to go home early most days. For two of the days I worked as little as three or four hours so I really appreciated the break. I kind of got used to afternoon naps! Unfortunately though my first full day of work fell on Friday so I didn't get a chance at yet another long weekend. My aim is to finish up work in the last week of November which will be a three day week here due to Thanksgiving. This means I only have a matter of weeks left!! Time is just getting away from me!
Today I've been taking it easy. I found Band of Brothers on the tv so I've been half watching that for most of the as I work through laundry and some other stuff! I have done my own and now I'm working on the baby clothes. In the next few weeks I'll get the last of what I think I need and then I should hopefully be ready for her arrival. I'm trying to also fit in getting organised for Christmas as well, but that might end up being a last minute thing. I guess I should get through Halloween first before I start worrying about that!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Incredible Shrinking Pregnancy!!

This is me at 31 weeks and a few days! All is going well with me and the baby, and last week was a really good week for me personally. I have been able to wear pants that I couldn't wear before I was pregnant because I was too big, and at my doctors visit this past week I found out that I have lost 5 pounds, (not sure how to convert that for you Aussies) so I now weigh less than I did before I was pregnant! Now I am anxious to know how much I weigh without the baby!
When I look at all this I guess the gestational diabetes has been a good thing for me because it has forced me to take a good look at what I eat. I now know what a good portion looks like, the importance of eating more fruit and vegetables, limiting the not so good stuff and getting in some exercise. I'm hoping that once the baby has arrived that I can continue on the road to losing more weight.
On Wednesday I had an ultrasound too and the baby looks good. She was constantly hitting the thing they put on your stomach, which makes me think she didn't really like the prodding and pushing. They were able to tell me that she weighs about 3 pounds 12 ounces (give or take 10 pounds) and that everything looked good.
My regular doctors visit went well too. She increased my dosage of medication in the morning and basically told me that I could still go on insulin before the baby gets here because my sugars go a little crazy at times. I also believe from now on in they are going to be keeping a close eye on the baby to ensure she doesn't grow too big. At the moment though everything is good!

These are a shot of the baby's bed. I washed the linen and set it up so I could see what it looks like. I think it's cute!! I also got a nice surprise this week when I received my first gift from my registry. My friend Jess who lives in England was able to purchase something off it and she got me the bouncer I had put on there. (Thanks again Jess!!) This weekend coming is my baby shower so once I see what I get there I guess I'll be shopping again to pick up what I don't get from my list! I'm looking forward to the shower. I bought myself a new dress today and I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone, especially my friends that I no longer work with. Also Dakota will be coming along with me so it will be good to see her again too!

The baby's first Christmas dress with my belly creeping in!!

I did a little shopping today and found the cutest outfits for the baby's first Christmas. I couldn't 't help myself and just had to get them. I'm sure I'll be taking lots of photos of her all dressed up for her first Christmas. Today I also got some other outfits and my first box of diapers, so I'm slowly getting there. I'm starting to worry a little that I won't be fully organised before she gets here.

Her secondary outfit, with again my belly encroaching on the shot! I didn't even realise it was in the shot!
As for John he's doing good and is still out to sea so I haven't spoken to him in almost two weeks. I'm hoping that I get to hear from him sometime this week, because I get incredibly lonely when we don't talk.
The weather here has been really up and down lately. It will be hot and uncomfortable for a few days, then cool and almost cold for a few more. Today and tomorrow we have the Santa Ana winds blowing about which is what helped to cause last years fires so our fire fighters are on high alert. At the moment there is a pretty big fire up near LA, so I'm hoping that doesn't get any worse and that nothing happens down here. Where we are situated we are very safe and don't have to worry about the threat of fire, but it still does get a little scary. Lets just hope that we manage to avoid the fires this year!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Uneventful Week

The title says it all...not a lot happened this week. It was just a week of going to work, coming home and off to bed. I'm feeling good and the baby is doing fine. She is moving around a bunch these days and this weekend she enjoyed waking her Mummy up around 5am each day by pushing on her bladder! I guess I need to get used to the idea of not sleeping in anymore! Today I was able to go back to sleep so at least I was able to enjoy one sleep in.
John is doing fine and was lucky to get a little mini holiday/vacation in Greece. He got to spend a few days in a hotel over looking the ocean, so I was a little jealous about that! He's now on his way back to Bahrain via a ship so I don't get to talk to him for the next week or so. This time around he can email, so I'm a lot happier this time around because I get to hear from him most days.
Apart from that I don't have a lot to tell you this week. Next week I have two appointments for the baby. Wednesday is an ultrasound and Thursday is my regular appointment. My sugars have been a little disappointing this week. There was a slight change to my medication, so I'm not sure if that is what causing it, or if my body is refusing to break down the sugar. I may still be on insulin before this baby gets here! I hope not...fingers crossed for my appointment this week! If anything major happens I'll send a quick message after the appointment...till then, have a good week!