Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lots of Photos

Opening up her Valentines gifts

Well I know how some of you live for the photos, so this entry should keep you happy! I was going to say that we had a rather uneventful week, then I went to load the photos onto the computer and saw that there were quite a lot, and that I do actually have some stuff to tell you all about. I guess it was just the monotony of the work week that got to me...but don't get me started!
Valentines Day was on Sunday and Mackenzie and I just hung around the house. We were meant to go to the zoo but John had arranged for a little something to be delivered to the house so we stayed home so as not to miss that. He sent me some beautiful roses! To be honest with you though I would trade getting flowers for him to have been home. (don't tell him that though as I'm always pestering him for never getting me flowers!)

Showing off one of her books

I got Mackenzie a little something and she loved it all. I got her some books, a Minnie Mouse drink cup and some toy keys for the car. The keys are actually kind of cool as it has the keys of course then a whole bunch of buttons that make noise and a little light. Some days though she likes to throw them across the car and I'm left to wonder if she is actually trying to hit me!

Reading her card

Testing out her keys

Having a snack at the zoo

We had a holiday on Monday so we went to the zoo then. I finally became a annual pass holder so now we can go more often as Mackenzie seems to really like the zoo. Unfortunately though this weekend just passed was unseasonally warm so we didn't stay for too long. Mackenzie didn't do very well with the heat either which has me a little worried for the upcoming summer. I'm not exactly sure how hot it got, but it was at least 70 (which for you Aussies is about 25) which really isn't that hot. I don't know how I'll ever be able to take her back to Darwin if she can't handle the heat! She ended up with a heat rash all over her and a temperature later that night. I actually had to run the air conditioner in an attempt to get her to go to sleep that night! The next morning however she was back to her usual self although she got another bit of heat rash during the week when we took the kids outside at school for a little while.

Trying to stay cool at the zoo

Work has been fine. We had a short week which was nice and tomorrow we have a meeting after work which will mean a long day for both Mackenzie and I. I just hope it doesn't go for too long! Mackenzie is doing great at school and is walking almost all the time now! I'm just so glad that I get to have her in my class all the time. I don't know what I'm going to do when she moves up to the next class.

All dressed up for Tim's birthday party

Today we went to Tim's birthday party which was fun. I used to look after Tim when he was a baby at my old job. I can't believe he's three already! Anyway I always got along great with his Mum (she's another foreigner) and we've managed to keep in touch which is great as I need all the company I can get over here. The weather was a little crazy, but it was a real nice party. Mackenzie went in a swing for the first time ever and loved it! I wish I had the camcorder with me because she giggled so much! It was the cutest thing ever!
Tim goes to a music class and his teacher came to the party and did a little performance with the kids. Mackenzie really liked that and danced a little. I also got to see two other little kids that I used to look after which was nice...they grow up so fast! Tim's grandparents and his Uncle and Aunt arrived yesterday from the Netherlands so it was nice to meet them as well.

I think she likes this outfit

John is doing fine and still has no word as to when he will be coming home. He tells me that the time frame is looking good, but still can't tell me a date which is SO frustrating as it's now only weeks away. Work is being a little bitchy about people taking time off work at the moment so I'm wanting to give them as much notice as I possibly can so fingers crossed we get a date soon!
Next weekend is going to be another busy one for us! On Saturday we have another birthday party to go to, then on Sunday we are going to a little get together for my friend Brittny. The birthday party is my friend Sasha son's birthday and is going to be at a place that I think has lots of jumpers/jumping castles (is that what we call them in Australia? I've been gone too long!) so that should be fun for Mackenzie. Then Brittny is starting her own business selling paper craft products so she is having a little party to show off her stuff! I guess sometimes it is a good thing that John is gone, that way he won't know how much I'll spend!
Anyway have a good week!

Self portrait time!

Having a snack at the party

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Party

All dressed up for her Valentines party at school

It's been a really busy week for me, and now we're enjoying our four day weekend. On top of the craziness that seems to be work these days we also had our Valentine's party on Thursday which meant a busy week for me as I made cupcakes for Mackenzie's party, brownies for her teachers, cards for her friends to put on the treats from both her and I and the little odds and ends from work that needed to be done! On Wednesday night I had a little laugh to myself because I had to finish off the cards the kids had made for their parents, and there I was making my own card!!
Mackenzie enjoyed her party! Her and the other kids made a great mess with their cupcakes! Most of that unfortunately I got on the camcorder so I don't have any pics of that. She has actually developed quite the sweet tooth and has begun to learn my hiding places and tries at most meals to negotiate for a chocolate chip cookie...that includes breakfast! At lunch yesterday she got most upset when my co-worker ate a cookie and wouldn't give her one. She rolled her eyes at her and refused to eat her much healthier lunch!

Showing off her heart (and her belly so it seems!)

We haven't really much to tell you! The weather is great, we both seem to be healthy and I'm looking forward to have a break from work! For Valentines Day I'm planning on taking Mackenzie to the zoo so I'm looking forward to that. As for the rest of the weekend I'm not sure what we are going to do. I think I just want to relax!

The brownies I made for Mackenzie's teachers.

John is doing fine and I have gotten to talk to him a lot more these days. This week the ship completed 100 straight days at sea! I don't know how he does it because I think I would be a little stir crazy! He wasn't as excited as what the captain was at achieving that! I think we are very close to having a home coming date which is kind of surreal. He called last night and wasn't able to talk dates of course, but told me that he would probably be flying in and that it could possibly be earlier than the previous date, which means he should be home for my birthday. Part of me wants to jump up and down with excitement, but the other part of me is waiting to be told that it's not going to happen. I will have to keep you all posted on this, but in the meantime please keep your fingers crossed for us...I really want my husband home!

The cupcakes!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

...And We're Walking!

Playing at school before Mummy starts for the day.

So here are some long awaited photos some of you have been waiting for! When I spoke to Belynda yesterday she complained about the lack of photos which makes me wonder how many people come here to actually read what I have to say!?! (smile) It was a crazy week for me this week. Nearly every day this week we had at least two people call out sick which meant ciaos! We were shuffling kids left and right and a lot of the time I had more of other people's kids in my class then I did my own actual kids! I hate having to do it too because Mackenzie pitches a fit if she has to leave the room. We had no choice at one point last week and she got so upset. When I was able to get her back she has shaking because she had worked herself up so much. Unfortunately we also had a girl quit giving less than two weeks notice so next week is probably going to be just as hectic...thank goodness we have a four day week!

My little diva getting upset at me...I see this face a lot these days!

The highlight of the week however was that my little girl started walking!! She has gotten progressively better as the week has gone on and I'm guessing that by the end of the month she'll be mainly walking! She looks so cute doing it too! On Monday I almost missed her first serious set of steps because I had my back to her. We were in the process of moving to our classroom and Mackenzie decided she was going to walk out of the classroom we start our day in. The other two teachers in the room watched her before they realized this was something new for her and one of the said..."Jodi I think you need to see this." I turned around and she was half way across the room! I was very proud! Most of this has just been with socks or bare feet, so I guess now the next step is to get her doing it in her shoes too!

A semi-action shot!

Mackenzie is also feeling a whole lot better too! We've had no vomiting (knock on wood) and she has got her appetite back. In fact she seems to be eating more than what she previously did for me! Now when she's hungry at home she goes over to her high chair and starts pointing and babbling at me to put her up. She is also now eating stuff with more chunks and stuff so I'm hoping that I can eventually start cooking more and have her eating that! Unfortunately we don't seem to be getting anywhere with the breast feeding and I only have myself to blame because I feed her at night. This last week she's actually gotten worse and it seems that if she even moves a muscle in her sleep she is half waking herself up and crying. I try to settle her back to sleep but she basically screams until I feed her. I know I should just be strong and refuse, but at 2 in the morning I'm so tired I just give in. I wish I could just wave my magic wand and deal with weaning that way!

We haven't been up to much this weekend. We had a rainy day yesterday so we stayed home and did some things around the house. I attempted some house work, but it seems Mackenzie managed to make just as much mess so it looks like I've done nothing! I have also been busy as we are having a Valentines Day party for the kids on Thursday. I have been making little cards from Mackenzie for her friends and teachers and at some point I have to make cupcakes for her party and a little something for her teachers! I have to squeeze the baking into the week nights as I want things to be fresh! As I mentioned before we have a short week this week and it's actually a four day weekend for us, so I'm looking forward to the break. I don't have much planned, but I am going to take my girl out for Valentines Day. We are going to go to the zoo as she loves looking at the animals.
John is doing fine and there is still no word as to when they will be coming home. I'm getting so frustrated at the moment too as I've heard on the radio and seen on the news that ships are starting to leave Haiti and head home. Just our luck though I'm sure John's replacement ship is still there! How did we ever get so unlucky!? We have had an opportunity to speak a little more on the phone though which is making things are little easier. They have now done four months at sea which is crazy. Keep your fingers crossed for us that this week is the week we hear something!

A cute shot!

If you are planning to celebrate I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day and we'll be in touch again soon!