Monday, May 24, 2010

On Our Own Again

Mackenzie trying on a way too big skirt from Aunty Binny and Grandma

All is well here! As you might have picked up on lately I don't get on the computer much these days. Up until now I thought I might fall to pieces if I didn't check my facebook on a daily basis, but I kind of like getting away from it all. I'm preferring to spend the time with my family and before I know it a few weeks have passed and I haven't updated the blog! Sorry about that!

Doing what she does best...stealing the remote!

We haven't done anything of great excitement either, which is probably another reason why I have been in no hurry to write on here...don't have much to say. We have settled into a nice little routine and Mackenzie loves having her Daddy around. Unfortunately though he's back out to sea for a little while so we're on our own again. It's nothing major, it just kind of sucks because we both got used to having him around and now he's gone.

Mackenzie having lunch at her new big kid table while she reads a book.

Mackenzie is doing great, although right now we'll probably end up finishing this blog entry early as she's having a melt down! She's doing great in school, but as of late has been acting up a little as she is cutting three teeth at once! On Friday we ended up coming home from school a little early as she had a little temperature. She slept most of the day and the temperature remained, but was gone by Saturday. She loves getting to play with her Daddy and when we get home she has him reading for her and letting her watch her favourite shows!

Painting at school

So that's about it from our corner of the world. We are all doing fine and sticking close to home. I'll try to write a little more regularly, but if I don't forgive me!! =)

Having a moment at school today!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


All ready to get on the road!

We are back from our little vacation/holiday and trying to get back in a routine! We headed up to L.A. for about four days and had a lot of fun. While we were there we went to Knott's Berry Farm, the Museum of Tolerance, a pirate dinner show and Universal Studios! It was a busy time with lots of time spent stuck in the car driving around L.A.! The traffic there is insane and it seemed like no matter what time we were on the road we ended up stuck in traffic. Luckily for us we bought a dvd player for the car for Mackenzie which kept her entertained while in the car, otherwise I can only imagine the grief we could have been in for! So while we grew more and more frustrated Mackenzie kicked back and watched Yo Gabba Gabba!

At Knott's Berry Farm with Snoopy

Our first day was spent at Knott's Berry Farm. It's a little theme park that grew from a farm where the family started out selling food. It's famous for it's jam/jelly and has some scary roller coasters which John loves! Mackenzie had a blast there. She loved meeting Snoopy and didn't get scared at all, and even managed to go on some rides with her Daddy which she loved!!

In the car ride which she loved!!

The first ride we tried were these little cars. We thought it would just go round in a circle, which it did, but when it got to the curve it kind of swung the car. John and I didn't know this and both got a little frightened at first when we realized what it was doing. Mackenzie on the other hand loved it and giggled the whole ride through! It was the cutest!! She went on that ride twice. John took her on several other rides too that day and she giggled through them all. I guess we don't have to worry about her getting sick like me! I enjoyed watching my two favorite people having a lot of fun!

On the train ride

Getting ready to go on the balloon ride.

Having fun in the Western part of the park.

Sitting at a desk in the old school house!

One of John's rides going up...

...and coming down!

John after the ride!

Mackenzie taking a break!

Another of John's rides!

Having fun with Daddy!

The next day we went to the Museum of Tolerance which has a large section on the Holocaust. It was a really interesting but surreal experience. We tagged along on a guided tour with a lady whose parents were both survivors of the Holocaust. She briefly talked about her parents and told us that her parents were both previously married and lost their spouses and all their children. At the beginning of the exhibition you collect a card which represents a Jewish child and at certain points through the exhibit you put the card into these machines and they tell you about the children. At the end you find out if they survived. The exhibit takes you through the years leading up to the war, during the war and the end. I learned a lot through out the exhibit such as the word Holocaust is a Greek word that means to burn, that the gas chambers were only put in place because the Nazis were using too many bullets shooting the Jews, that before the Nazis began to really exterminate the Jews other countries were called upon to take the Jews including Australia and the US and the governments said no, and that the Nazis would also use vans that were made to look like red cross trucks and they would load the Jews up in them to "transport" them places. These trucks would have the exhaust linked up into the trucks where the Jews were located and they would be gassed. Near the end of the exhibit you come up to these two doors where you know are taking you to the gas chambers and the two headings are "able bodies" and "women and children". At the time I was holding Mackenzie because she was sleeping and walking through that door was heartbreaking. I can't even begin to imagine what it must have felt like for all those mothers. When you get into the gas chamber you sit down as they did and listen to heart breaking stories. This visit will stay with me for a very long time. I would recommend it to anyone.
After that to lighten the mood a little we went to a pirate dinner show. It was a lot of fun. You sit in different colored sections and cheer on your pirate. I was a little worried Mackenzie would get scared with all the loud noises, but she had a great time! We got her a pirate sword that lights up and she has a lot of fun playing with that.

Meeting Marilyn

The following day was Universal Studios. It was fun, but a lot of the staff could do with attitude adjustments. I mean people visit there from all over the world and some of these people are just plain rude...not the kind of service you expect at a place like that. Attitudes aside though we all had a great time. Mackenzie had a lot of fun meeting all the different characters and she got to play in the water which I think was her favorite thing ever. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of that.

She loved meeting Dora!!

Alex from Madagascar

John's favorites, the penguins from Madagascar!

Hanging out in England

Our little family!

They caught Jaws!! =)

Look out for Shrek!!

Meeting Shrek

Meeting Curious George

Meeting Sponge her look here!

We got back yesterday and have been busy unpacking and getting back to normal. Today I had a lovely Mothers Day. We went to the zoo for a had brunch, then went around looking at the animals. John has most of next week off and Mackenzie and I are back to school/work tomorrow. Tuesday marks our fifth anniversary so the celebrating doesn't seem to end for us. Have a great week everyone and I'll be in touch again soon!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dressed up for photo day at school and showing off the purse one of my co-workers bought back from Disneyland for her!

Isn't it the cutest!!

Breakfast time!

"I can feed myself...most of the time"

Playing at the park


She can run now!!

Hanging out with Daddy at the park

Me and my girl!

She's such a big girl now

Posing for her Mother's Day photo at school

Looking very serious at school

Snuggling in Deuce's bed!