Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Major Catch Up!

Mackenzie in between throwing up all over me (at least she's still smiling!)

It has been a crazy few weeks for us, and I just can't seem to find the time these days to update this thing. I'm also never on facebook anymore these days...has anyone missed me!?
Ok so I guess we'll start with Mackenzie and I started school/work about two weeks ago and it's been very busy! I'm slowly settling in and really like my job. Mackenzie on the other hand is having a really hard time of it. She cries a lot and is still refusing to drink from a bottle. I work right next door to her so as you can imagine some days I just want to walk in there, pick her up and leave! The teacher side of me knows that eventually she will settle in and begin to enjoy herself, but the Mummy/Mommy side of me is heart broken most days at seeing her so upset. She knows that I'm next door too and every chance she gets she tries to get to my room. They have a window between my room and hers that they had to cover up because she would look for me and scream when she saw me. With that covered up things are getting better. I've seen her playing and stuff so I know that eventually she will get's just really hard.

Hanging out at home! I love this it at Disneyland. On her butt it reads "Caution trouble brewing below!"

So on Wednesday she started to throw up on our way to school. The first day she did it I thought it was because I had tried to give her cheese. Thursday she did it again and this time I thought that maybe she was getting car sick in her new seat because she sits up higher. Then on Friday I was woken up at 5:30 when she sat up in bed and proceeded to vomit all over me!! I spoke with my boss and she told me to come in and if she did it again I could take her home. She threw up in the car so we turned around and headed home where she proceeded to throw up all over me and the bed another two or three times. My poor baby! I got her into the doctor yesterday and she said that she has a number of bugs probably from starting school. She never had a fever, and now it's just some diarrhea so I think we're over the worse of it. I just hope this is not what the next six months are going to be like for us!

All ready for her first day of school!...little did she know =(

Mackenzie and Daddy supporting the Chargers.

Another reason I didn't have time to write was that we were lucky enough to have John stay at home for an extra week! The ship had some kind of mechanical problem and they couldn't leave which gave us an extra weekend. We stayed home and watched the Chargers unfortunately lose, but it was a good opportunity for Daddy to see Mackenzie in her cheer leading outfit. It's still a little big for her, but she still looked cute.

Me and Mackenzie

We were told that John would probably be leaving the following Friday (this Friday just past) but on Wednesday John came to pick up Mackenzie with the news that they would be leaving the following day! The captain decided that the ship was fixed and that they had wasted enough time in port so it was time to go! As you can imagine I wasn't too happy with that idea, especially with Mackenzie throwing up, but what can you do. So on Thursday we dropped John off at the ship early and I tried to pretend it that it was just like his two weeks out. I managed to keep myself together until we got near the ship and I could see other families saying their goodbyes. It's the saddest thing seeing little kids hugging their parents goodbye. We didn't stick around to watch the ship leave. John and I decided that because he would be busy and because I needed to hold myself together for Mackenzie that I would just drop him off. Mackenzie slept through it all, and in a way I'm glad because she doesn't really understand what's going on anyway. I guess the good thing about John being gone is that we can start to count down to his coming home. He also will not be going to Australia.

Getting an up close view of the game

She looked so cute!!
With Mackenzie being sick we haven't been up to much. Today we are going to go to a meeting for the families of the ship which should be nice. We also have to get ready to go back to work/school tomorrow. I hope this is the week that Mackenzie starts to adjust!! Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Still in her pjs waiting to start our first day!

We had a great time at Disneyland!! It was just what we needed before John deploys...a nice, little family vacation. Mackenzie had a great time too and really adapted. The first day she was a little over whelmed by it all, but by the end of the trip she was smiling at everyone and enjoying the rides! She wasn't phased at all by the characters. She would look at them, and a couple of times attempted to touch them. She met Mickey and Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Pooh Bear, Rabbit, Chip and Dale and the Bear the that Bear movie that I can't remember the name of! She saw some others, but I can't remember them all!
We stayed at the California hotel which is the most expensive of the three at the park. For anyone going to stay there I wouldn't reccomend it for the price they ask for. We got a great discount which is why we stayed, but we won't be staying there again. The lobby and the grounds are really beautiful and we expected the rooms to be better than what they were. It was nice don't get me wrong, but for the price they ask for I wouldn't do it. I think you're basically paying for the fact that you can walk directly into the California park and because it's the closet to Disneyland.

The lobby area of the hotel.

Our bed

I took the photo of the bed because I have a funny story. On our second day I guess we got new neighbors. The only reason I know that is because we could hear them having sex!! Can you imagine that head board banging against the wall...not to mention the moans and groans we heard! I got woken up several times. I'm just glad that Mackenzie was not at an age to ask questions!! =)

Mackenzie and Daddy.

Mackenzie did really well on the rides we took her on except for the Nemo ride. I felt terrible about that because I totally forgot what happened on the ride. It's a submarine and at first it started out all nice and Mackenzie loved looking at the window at all the bright fish...then it got dark (really dark) and there were explosions and Mackenzie started screaming!! Anyone who has heard Mackenzie scream knows that she has a set of lungs on imagine that scream on a full submarine! It was the best start to her Disneyland experience!!

Mummy and Mackenzie

The weather was really HOT while we were there so we would spend a few hours at either park, then head back to the room for a nap, then we would go take a swim. Mackenzie loved the pool and enjoyed splashing about. Once we were done we would get changed and head back into the park until Mackenzie got too miserable to be there. It worked out great and although we didn't do all the rides we normally do we really did have a great time. I'm so glad that we took Mackenzie at this age and I can't wait to take her again next year when she's a little older and able to do a little more! We have some video that I'll try to post over the next couple of days.

A tired, hot Mackenzie takes a break!

John and I

Now we're home and enjoying John's time off. I still haven't heard anything about when I'll be starting work, which is a little frustrating, but at the same time allows me more time with John. We only have this week and next week before he's gone again so we're trying to make the most of it!

Mackenzie and Minnie

Mickey and Pluto

Pooh Bear

Mackenzie's first bathing suit....and first swim

Outside It's a Small World, Mackenzie's favorite ride.

We went on it everyday we were there!

Mackenzie and I outside Sleeping Beauty's castle

Looking about on a ride (I think this is on small world)

Meeting Pluto

She liked Pluto


Trying on hats and things for Mummy's amusement

Sitting down in Mickey's house

Meeting Mickey!!

In someones car in Toontown.

Eating out!

Mackenzie's first carousel/merry-go-round ride

Daddy felt more comfortable with Mackenzie on this seat!

Dressed in her tutu! She made a great princess!

At the Chip and Dale breakfast at the hotel...she was more interested in eating than the characters!

With Chip....or was it Dale?

In her Minnie Mouse costume!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

39 Weeks Old Today...and a Vegemite Kid Too!

Eating her sao with vegemite!

Today Mackenzie finally started to show that she also has Australian blood running through her veins! I gave her her first taste of vegemite and she loved it! I got it on the camcorder too, so Mummy was very excited! Unfortunately though she began to choke on a piece of sao (they are yummy Aussie crackers) so near the end I look like a terrible mother recording my child while she chokes! She was fine though and will definitely be getting more vegemite from now on! She is 39 weeks old today...time goes by too fast!

Showing off all her hair

Yesterday we went and spent time in her new classroom and she did a lot better than I thought she would. I was with her the whole time, so I'm sure when she's left there alone it will be a different matter. It was good for me though to see that she will be ok eventually. At first she sat right next to me and looked about. She whimpered a little then gradually crawled off to explore the room. She played with the toys and touched a few of the children. She also attempted to steal a few bottles which I found rather funny considering she won't drink from her own!
As for when I start...I still don't know. It's a privately owned center so my boss has to wait for the owners to meet with me. That was meant to be yesterday. My boss basically needs me to start asap so I could be starting next Wednesday or possibly the week after that. I'm not too stressed out about it however as it buys me more time with John. He has all of next week off of work so I'd prefer to be with him.

She's such a Daddy's girl!

We are off to Disneyland tomorrow and I can't wait! We will be spending three nights up there and will be coming home on Sunday. I've packed a mountain of stuff for Mackenzie! I always over pack for myself so you can only imagine what I've thrown in for her! I've got all her Disney clothes because of course she has to wear Disney! I've packed a cute dress because we plan to go to a nice dinner one night. I've got clothes in case it gets cold at night, her bathing suit, food and a bunch of other stuff! I'll let you know just what I end up using! Tomorrow she will be wearing one of her Minnie Mouse onesie with the cutest pink tutu I saw the other day and just had to buy!! I'm still undecided about what princess outfit I'll get her...I'm sure John is dreading me walking into the Disney store!!

She has six teeth she is showing them off!

Queen (or princess as her shirt says) of the remote!

So next time I write there will be lots of photos of our little trip! Happy Labor Day weekend to all you American readers!!