Monday, June 30, 2008

Life Without Medication!

It's been a long weekend. Thursday night I came down with either a head cold or allergies so I spent most of my weekend sick with a runny nose. It's tough not being able to just pop some medication and get on with it! I'm beginning to feel a lot better now though, so I'm hoping it was just a head cold. As you can imagine I did very little over the weekend. A lot of sleeping and watching TV. I have no photos for you this entry because I just feel so blah!!
The painting is coming along and John is doing a great job. This week I'm off of work so there will be no painting, but he tells me that he'll get it all done by next week. He got our room and bathroom completed this week which meant three nights on an air mattress. This was also when I was sick so you can't imagine how good it felt to be back in our bed Saturday night! Half way through Friday night I gave up and slept on the couch because my back couldn't take it anymore!! I guess I'm not as young as I used to be!
I got a call from my midwife today and she told me that my blood sugar levels are a little over so I have to go in for a three hour test. The desired number is 135 and I had 138 so I have to do this next test so see if I'm at risk of gestation diabetes. Tomorrow I'm going in for that and I believe I drink the sugar drink then each of the three hours they take blood. I'm not looking forward to this as my veins aren't always so easy to find! Apart from that everything is going well with the pregnancy. We've booked our ultra sound for the 16Th of July, so by then we will know if we're having a boy or a girl! (keep your fingers crossed for a boy!)
This week we don't have too many big plans. We are possibly going to head up to LA and have a look around Hollywood, then on Friday it's Fourth of July so our plans for that are to head over to our spot on the Navy base and watch the fireworks. It's a lot less crowded there. John also got his itinerary for Bahrain today and will be leaving here July 26. It's becoming real now and with my emotions being crazy I think taking him to the airport is going to be horrible! I'm going to need the weekend to recover from that! It's such a hard place to be in because of course you don't want him to go, but at the same time you want to get it started so you can get it over with. I just hope the year flies by!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Day at the Fair

The view down towards all the rides!

Yesterday we went to the San Diego Fair which for all you Aussies is what we call the show! It was very much the same as what you get in Australia, and John and I had a good time. One of the exciting things of the day for me was that I got to ride in one of those yellow school buses that you see in the movies!! We didn't want to have to pay for parking so the fair was providing parking elsewhere to help with traffic congestion, so we went to a high school close by, parked the car there and caught the bus! The excitement of the bus ride lasted till I had to squeeze my long legs into a seat made for a child! At least now I can say that I've been on a yellow school bus!!

A view of just a few of the food stores!

The last few days have been really hot here, so we went to the fair in the late afternoon in an effort to keep cool. Most of you know that I don't do well in the heat, but I managed to stay cool and hydrated and made it through. I didn't get to look at too many animals though because their smell combined with the heat and my sensitive nose it got a little too much! I did go and see some pig races which was a lot of fun. They had pigs in all different sizes, and they would race around the track to get an Oreo cookie. They also had this tiny little piglet who could swim. He was really cute.

A little touch of home!!

The other funny/weird part of the fair was all the food. The Americans seem to have this strange fascination with deep fat frying food and some of the things they were selling there were deep fried Twinkies (you know those little cream filled cakes), deep fried spam, deep fried frog legs and deep fried zucchini just to name a few. I stayed away from it all! I had to laugh when I saw a stall that was called "Australian Battered Potatoes"! They had Australian flags flying and everything. On closer inspection it looked like what we call potato cakes, which maybe Australian, but they smother them in either this melted cheeses sauce thing or ranch dressing which are totally not Australian!! I had fun looking at everything.

John and I at the end of the day!
So John is getting the painting done around the house. He's completed the baby room, Dakota's room, Dakota's bathroom and the bathroom down stairs. This week he's planning on doing our computer room and bedroom, so I'm probably going to be sleeping downstairs for a couple of days. My plan now is to show you pics once it's all done because we have stuff all over the place. John's been warning me for a few days now that I'm going to be without the computer for a few days so I'm not looking forward to that! See you all when I'm back on-line!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Baby Pics!

Our little baby!!
Yesterday was another visit to the doctors and everything is going great. I'm feeling good apart from feeling tired all the time and I've actually lost some weight because I'm eating a lot better these days. John came along for the visit and got to see the baby for the first time which was exciting. It really makes it all seem real when you see the baby and hear the heart beat!! The baby's spine was so clear and we got to see he/she move about so that was really cool.

Another shot!

John has started to paint the house and he's doing a great job. He gets up early with me and gets an early start so that the house has time to air out a little before I come home. So far he's done the baby's room, Dakota's room and now he's starting on the bathrooms. I had planned on taking some photos of the baby's room because we also started putting the furniture together but it's become a store room again while we move things around with the painting. I guess I'll wait until it gets cleared out before I take some shots. John has really impressed me with his painting abilities...I guess painting ships when you come into the navy pays off in the long run.
We had a good weekend. It was father's day here on Sunday and it was Dakota's weekend so John and her got to hang out which was nice. I spent most of this weekend sleeping because I just felt exhausted, so it was a pretty uneventful weekend. My friend Cassie managed to get us New Kids on the Block tickets so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to go. I'll be at least 8 months when the concert is finally here, so I'm hoping I'll be able to fulfill that dream. I have my greatest hits CD in the car and I listen to it whenever John is not in the car!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm Still Here!!

Well it's been over a week since I've updated you all, so I figured I had better get organized. All is well here and apart from feeling exhausted all the time I have no other complaints. The last few weeks have been so tiring for me. Work has been a little stressful...but I won't bore you with those details, and it has taken all my energy to get through the day. Once I get home it's not long before I'm in bed. I'm extremely lucky to have John here at the moment. He cooks whenever I can't be bothered and he is always doing the dishes for me. He's been a great help and I don't know what I'm going to do once he does leave.
On Monday past he was officially made Senior Chief. They had a pinning ceremony at the hospital where everyone who was promoted got their new insignias. (I think that what it means?) Anyway because I had to work I sent along the camera with John for him to get some pics, and he did a great job at choosing a photographer!
Getting pinned.
It's official...Senior Chief Douglas!
A funny story about this promotion of his. For the past few weeks as he has been wearing his uniforms he's been taking them into the uniform store to have his patches changed out, then they get sent off to the cleaners. He has done this quite a few times now so the other day we turned in some more uniforms then went to the cleaners to pick up a uniform. He gets it, looks at it then starts getting upset because it's missing the senior chief patch (which he had to special order), anyway the lady goes to get her supervisor and I ask him if he's really sure about this, of course he is! I tell him that I thought we dropped this uniform off before we heard about the promotion, so John takes a breath, stops and thinks about and realizes his mistake. He apologizes and it's all worked out, but I'm sure they'll be ready for him when he goes back to pick up the rest of his uniforms!! John has three days left before he checks out of the hospital and is off for a month before going to school then heading off to Bahrain.
Last weekend we did a lot of shopping. The store on the Marine base had a sale on infant furniture (20% off) so we took advantage of that and purchased all our big ticket items. We ended up getting a crib and chest of draws, a portable crib and a stroller (or pram, depending on which country you're from) with a car seat. None of it is put together yet as John is going to paint the room first, but I'll be taking pics once it is all put together.
Our other big purchase was to finally locate a Wii! We have been looking since about the start of the year and couldn't find one anywhere. Apparently the whole of America wants one and there is a shortage in this country. I finally found one on-line and it arrived on Friday. It is so much fun!! Even I can do it! I have discovered that I'm a natural at golf. Much to John's disgust I have kicked his butt every time we play and I love it! Finally I'm good at some kind of computer game. I'm now looking forward to getting a Wii Fit one of these days!!