Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Our Regular Update...and Some Extra News!

Dressed up for school on game day!

Another week gone and Mackenzie is feeling a lot better. She still has a bit of a runny nose, but apart from that she is doing great which in turn takes some pressure off me! We had a pretty good week this week. We started the summer program at school which means a few extra fun activities for the kids. On Monday they had a bounce house/ jumping castle there and Mackenzie had a blast in it. Her teachers didn't know how she would react, but got right on in and ran about laughing and screaming. I think she will take after John in that department, she seems to be fearless!
She is now also letting me tie her hair up in pigtails now which makes her look like such a big girl!! Everyone at work always tells me that she's starting to look so grown up...where did my little baby go!

Relaxing in the pool.

We got to go home a little early a couple of days last week which was nice! On one of the warmer days Mackenzie had a swim and loved it! She has a Dora beach towel and gets a little upset at me when I won't let her take it in the pool with her, but she soon forgets about that when she starts splashing about! On the weekend I bought her a Disney princess towel which she drags all about the house. She gets very excited and runs up and down the towel saying "princess, princess"!
Every now and then she will say Dada, but she is doing fine without him here. She recognizes him in photos and talks to him on the phone, so I imagine she should remember him when he gets back.

Relaxing in front of the tv while I take care of things!

John is doing fine and is currently in Hawaii. He tells me that he hates the place, but really how could you ever dislike a tropical island!? Sometimes I wonder if he just says that for my benefit because I can never seem to hide my jealously. He said that there are a few Aussie ships there so I guess they are joining in on the exercise he will be participating in.
As for our weekend...we didn't do a whole lot this weekend. On Saturday we went over to the mall for some retail therapy. I enjoyed spending some money in the Disney store, and I had to get Mackenzie a little outfit for school for next week as they have to wear red, white and blue this coming Friday. We will be having a long weekend as it will be Independence Day on Sunday and we have Monday off. I think I will take Mackenzie to the zoo at some point over the three days!

She likes to say "Cheese" now when I take her pic!

Now for our news...we are expecting another baby! I have known for sometime now, but it just took some time to get an appointment to verify it all! It's actually still feels a little unreal to me at the moment. The baby is totally wanted and everything, but it feels a little different the second time round. I already feel guilty because I don't nap when I'm tired like I did with Mackenzie and I don't always take my prenatal vitamins on a daily basis. I'm getting better at all that and by finally acknowledging it on the blog makes it seem a little more real! Anyway my due date is late December/early January which I'm a little suspect about. They are going by the date of my last period (which was an estimate anyway because I was still a little irregular) which was in March and John didn't get home until mid-April. You do the math! The midwife I saw too said she wasn't going to test me early for gestational diabetes which leaves me feeling a little uneasy. When I think back to all they made me do last time, it just seems a little strange that they plan to wait until the regular testing for everyone which is around 20 weeks. My next appointment is July 29 and I'll be seeing someone else so I'm planning on talking about it some more then. Anyway below is some pics of the new bub, which according to the midwife looks great. He/she had a strong heartbeat and even waved to me so it was a great relief to know that everything is ok. Until next week...

The new baby apparently about 13 weeks old

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Very Long Week!

Me and my girl!

John left on Monday so we are home alone again. So far it's been a really long week as Mackenzie got sick on Sunday afternoon so I was left to take care of a sick and unhappy little girl. We stayed home from school Monday and Tuesday as she had a constant fever. We went and saw the doctor on Monday and he said she was at the beginning stages of a cold. She was pretty miserable. She basically had a fever that wouldn't go away and all she wanted to do was to have me hold her constantly. She cried and cried and cried!
On Wednesday I needed some sanity to my life so we went back to work even though we probably should of spent another day at home. She was ok for the rest of the week, but very lethargic and almost looked like a little zombie. She also ended up with a rash so we were back to the doctor again yesterday. I guess kids can sometimes get a rash after fevers and the doctor said she seemed to be doing fine, just to let her get all the sleep she wants, which is what I have done and now my little girl is back!!

Taking a break at the fair.

Before John headed out we headed to the fair. Dakota came along with us and we had a good day. Mackenzie is still very weary of Dakota and won't go near her, but she hasn't really seen much of her so I guess it's just going to take time. Mackenzie is very reserved around people she doesn't know, which in a way I'm kind of happy about because I don't have to worry about her just going up to anyone. John and Dakota had fun going on some rides, we ate lots of food that is not good for you, Mackenzie got to look at lots of animals and went on a ride with her Daddy. All in all it was a great day.

Our first attempt at a ride for Mackenzie....she cried so John had to take her off!

On Monday night we had another earthquake which was a little scary! Apparently it was an after shock from the big one we had on Easter weekend. It was around 9:30 at night and we were in bed when all of a sudden the bed, as well as the house started shaking! It really can be quite scary as I didn't know if the house was going to stay standing! Mackenzie woke a little, but I was able to get her back to sleep. As for me I was almost asleep when it happened, but as you can imagine I was awake for awhile after!

Walking around at the fair

Finally getting on a ride with Daddy!

We have been watching when we can the World Cup and so far we've been able to see Australia's terrible efforts! Mackenzie can now say football, although I think she'd prefer to watch Dora or her other shows!
Apart from that we have little else to tell you. We are just counting down the days yet again until John comes home.

All dressed up and ready for Australia's game against Germany!

Taking photos at school!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

Playing in her new pool!

So I was going to write yesterday, but I spent the entire day looking for my camera! I know how much people come on here to look at the pics so I figured until I found my camera it wasn't worth writing!! Luckily just as I was about to panic that I had lost my new camera John told me to check under then couch cushions and there it was!! Only problem was it was already Mackenzie's bed time so I'm writing today!!

I think she likes it!

We are all doing well. John has been going out to sea again, but we have been fortunate enough to have him home on the weekends which had been nice. Last weekend was a three day weekend for us so we went out and got Mackenzie a new pool and a little sprinkler thing for her to play with. She had a great time although the weather was a little cool!
She is growing so much!! She is repeating lots of words now which is a constant reminder to John and I that we need to watch what we say! She was started to say "princess" which makes me very happy! I'm trying to teach her to say Disneyland, but I'm not having much luck with that. She has been visiting the big kid class lately and is really enjoying herself. When they come to get her she gives me a hug and a kiss and tells me bye and walks out to the next room. She might be moving in there as soon as tomorrow so if she does I'll be sure the get some pics of her in her new class room. My friend Brittny is going to be one of her teachers and her other teacher is a girl called Lynda who used to look after her in the baby room so she'll be with teachers she knows. Part of me wants to keep her with me forever, but at the same time I'm so happy that she's growing up and becoming a big girl.

John and I had a great time watching her expressions!

Memorial Day weekend also saw another huge milestone for us! I hadn't really shared the fact that I was still breast feeding Mackenzie, but that weekend I finally decided enough was enough. I was only feeding her at night and it was to put her to sleep and to keep her asleep. One of the worse habits I ever started with her. Friday night was terrible!! She was so angry and screamed most of the night. It took me forever to get her to sleep, only to have her wake up again two hours later and scream some more. On Saturday John had duty and I was a little scared that I wouldn't be strong enough, but that night she just whined a little then went to sleep. With each night it got better and even now when it's time to go to sleep so when kind of point at my boob just in case I change my mind, but now she goes to sleep without making too much of a fuss! Our next challenge will be to get her out of our bed!

I really like this shot of her looking at her Daddy!

I think the pool was a good investment!

This weekend we didn't get up to much either. John had duty yesterday so it really wasn't much of a weekend for us. I did manage to get Yo Gabba Gabba Live tickets which I was excited about! Mackenzie really loves that show and they will be here in November so we have a while to wait, but I'm glad we got the tickets when we did because as it was all the good seats were already taken.
John is doing good and getting ready to go out to sea for a while. As you already know I can't tell you all when, where and how long for, but I'm kind of bummed that he has to go out again so soon. I'm a little worried that Mackenzie will forget her Daddy again, but I kind of think that she shouldn't this time. She loves him so much so I know she's going to miss getting to see him. So for now we're just enjoying the time we have before he leaves again. I hope you all have a great week and I'll try to be in touch sooner!!

Enjoying some chocolate cake!