Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back Together Again!!

Mackenzie and I happy to have Daddy home!

John came home on Monday and we couldn't be happier!! Mackenzie was a little stand offish at first, but once we got home and John put a Disney DVD on for her he was her new best friend. She is doing great with him, and has started to ask for him when she's tired, upset or knows that I'm not going to give her what she wants! Unfortunately today he has duty, but we're just happy to have him home so I'll try not to complain about that!!
On Monday we also went in for my 20 week ultrasound. I'm still a little in denial that I'm half way through this pregnancy but it was great to see the baby all the same. I still haven't scanned the pics though, so I'll be sure to add them next time I write. Apparently we are having another girl, although yet again I had no idea what I was looking at when she showed us the scan. Mackenzie got to see her little sister too, but I still don't think she really understands what is going on. The baby is doing great! She's right on target in weight and so forth and her heart rate was good. The lady doing the ultra sound said that she's quite long already too so it looks like we'll be having a tall girl! As of yet we have no idea on names and I imagine we'll be debating names right up until delivery just like we did with Mackenzie.

This is how I found Mackenzie at 4pm last Sunday when she refused to take a nap at her regular time!!

Mackenzie is doing great and like I said before is happy to have her Daddy home. She likes to follow him about the house, especially when he's outside using the bbq and she also likes it when he picks her up early from school and she gets to go in his truck. My little girl however is starting to show a lot of signs of moving into the terrible twos!! She rolls her eyes at us whenever she hears something she doesn't like, she has taken to refusing to listen to us quite a lot too and she really seems to enjoy walking away from us when we are out. Where do they learn to be so defiant!?! We are still having a battle to get her to sleep in her own bed. At the moment we have resorted to a make shift bed on the floor in our room, but she is yet to sleep through the night if she's not in our bed. This weekend we bought her some princess bedding to try and trick her into wanting to sleep in her big girl bed, but somehow I don't see it working to plan! I guess I'll let you know how that turns out!!

The aftermath of Mackenzie playing with ice at school (I uploaded these to the blog in the wrong order...whoops!)

As for me I'm doing good. I'm still not really showing a baby bump yet, but I'm feeling good. Work has been a little stressful this week. There have been a few lay offs which has resulted in a lot of turmoil, but I'm hoping that things will begin to settle down now. I really enjoy working there. It is so much more relaxed than my last job and Mackenzie loves it there so I'm hoping we are able to remain there. I have really enjoyed having my family back together though this past week. I rarely look at my phone and the computer doesn't even get turned on each and every night which is nice. It's nice to step back and just enjoy being with Mackenzie and John.

Tasting the ice after being told not to do it numerous times!!

Next week John and I are heading out without Mackenzie and I have to admit I'm totally scared about it!! We are going to some sort of ball that John has to attend and Mackenzie will be staying at home with one of my friends from work. She is also one of Mackenzie's teachers so I'm hoping the familiar face will help with the separation a little. This will be the first time I'm leaving Mackenzie so it's probably going to be tough on both of us, but I know I need to do it! This weekend I found myself a nice dress so I'm kind of looking forward to getting dressed up and going out! I'll be sure to get some pics taken of John and I all dressed up.

She's not afraid to get her hands dirty!!

"Hhhmmmm....what is this stuff?"