Sunday, November 21, 2010

Double Take!

Baby #2

Baby #2

Baby #2

Baby #2

Baby #2

Late October we went to the Ultra Sound Experience so we could get a look at baby number 2! I couldn't get over how similar she looked to Mackenzie when I did the same with her. When I went to see Mackenzie I was 28 weeks, and with baby number 2 I'm 31 weeks so there is a little bit of an age difference, but I still think they look extremely close.
It was nice for Mackenzie to get to see her little sister although I don't think she really got it. John also got to experience the whole thing for the first time too as the last time I went he was deployed. We have pretty much settled on a name now, but the rest of you will have to wait a few more weeks until the big reveal!






This week coming is a short week for us as Thanksgiving is this Thursday. It is also my final week at work and I looking forward to hopefully being able to relax a little before the baby finally arrives. Work has been getting harder and harder for me as the lifting and everything is just plain exhausting! Over the last few days they have also decided to move some kids around so now my classroom consists for three non-walkers and one just walking. The three non-walkers seem to have no desire to get started either so I'm having to coax them to crawl where I want them to go or lift them. It makes for a tiring day, especially now. I keep telling myself only three more days!!
My last doctors appointment did not go the way I wanted it to. Unfortunately I was misdiagnosed and now I do have gestational diabetes again so it's been a mad dash to try and get my sugar levels under control. When I'm being good and eating what I should be I am able to keep my levels good, but my morning fasting level is really bad so I'm probably going to have to go back on the drugs I had with Mackenzie. I have an appointment tomorrow so I should have some answers on that. I'm also hoping that I will no be induced as I will move into that high risk category. Having a date is going to make planning for Mackenzie a little easier. I'm totally frustrated by the whole misdiagnosis, not to mention that this late in my pregnancy I have to worry about all this again, but what can you do right?
Mackenzie is doing great and is only weeks away from turning 2. Over this past week it seems as if someone has turned on a switch inside her as she's talking so much!! She now is talking in small sentences and has become quite a character. The other day when I was driving to school she took her shoes off in the back. When I told her that she's not meant to do that her reply was, "I big trouble?" It's very hard to stay serious sometimes when you get a reply like that!
John is doing good and keeping busy. On Friday we purchased a new car so he has been having a lot of fun learning all the gadgets that come along with it. We are now the proud owners of a 2011 Ford Flex! We needed a bigger car for when we have people come stay as my car will no longer be able to fit a third person in the back seat comfortably once the baby seat is in there. Unfortunately it's been raining most of this weekend so I am yet to get any photos of it, but with all my extra spare time I should be able to get some photos on here soon. Mackenzie loves the new car just as much as John does and gets very upset if John goes anywhere without her. I don't know what she's going to do tomorrow when she's back in my old car!!
For those of you who celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday I hope you all have a wonderful time whatever it is you do!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mackenzie's Halloween

All dressed up in her kangaroo costume and ready for school! (I love her cell/mobile phone in her pouch!)

We had Halloween a couple of weeks ago and Mackenzie had a lot of fun dressing up for school and doing some stuff around the house. We decided not to go out trick or treating as we figured she was still a little too young to understand the whole concept, not to mention we would probably end up with a very stressed out child having to approach all those strangers! She is still a little stand offish around people she does not know so we didn't see the point in upsetting her just for candy!

My little Aussie Kangaroo!

On Friday we had a day of Halloween festivities at school which all the kids enjoy, especially the older ones. All the kids come to school dressed up and we do activities and go trick or treating around the school. Our little ones didn't really know what to make of it but we read some "scary" stories, did some art and some dancing and took them around the school to collect their candy. After that we went back to our classrooms so we could hand out candy to the other kids. Once that was done we put them back into their regular clothes, fed them lunch and got them off to sleep!

Mackenzie and her man Deuce. Now when she sees a picture of Woody she calls him Deuce! (Deuce doesn't really look like a happy cowboy here!)

Once we were all awake from our naps we had a little party for the kids where they ate a whole bunch of stuff they don't normally eat and made a mess for us to clean up! Luckily for us not too many of them were into the cupcakes and cookies so we didn't have too many hyped up children. Mackenzie and I got to go home not long after that, so I was happy to not have to deal with too much of the sugar melt down!!

Don't they make the cutest couple!!

All ready to go trick or treating!

They weren't so co-operative by the time we got back!!

Mackenzie pigging out with her friends at their little party!

Posing with her teacher Ms Lynda!

Getting ready to decorate her pumpkins with Daddy.

Sunday was Halloween and like I already mentioned we had a quiet day at home. Mackenzie had fun decorating her little pumpkins with her Dad with these face pieces we found. It was kind of like a Mr Potato head thing where you chose what facial features you wanted and pushed them in. She really enjoyed looking at all the different eyes, noses and mouths etc.

Fixing the eyes to one of her pumpkins.

Hard at work!!

The end result.

Seeing what's in her treat bag.

Taking after both of us Mackenzie learned to enjoy the sweet side of Halloween asking for candy or chocolate whenever she thought we were eating it. Because we weren't taking her out we got her a little treat bag with some goodies which she enjoyed. We got her some marshmallows, a torch and some cars from the movie Cars. (one of her favorite movies)
Now when we are watching tv if any kind of chocolate commercial comes on she yells out "Chocolate!" and when we acknowledge her she says, "In my mouth." We have definitely created a monster/sweet tooth!

Not really wanting to help Daddy carve the pumpkin.

We also (well John did) carved a pumpkin which Mackenzie didn't really take much of an interest in. She wasn't too keen on touching the insides of the pumpkin at all, so John got stuck with doing the majority of the work! She did however enjoy the end product although she wanted to keep the pumpkins inside with us rather than have them outside.

The end products!

Dressed up again for the trick and treaters.

We then got Mackenzie dressed up again and got ready for the kids to come to our house. We had a decent turn out, although a lot of the kids or should I say teenagers came to the house not even dressed up. John said I shouldn't give them anything, but I didn't want them coming back and doing stuff to the house so I just handed them the candy. It's kind of sad that a lot of people in our area just see it as an opportunity to get free candy. We did get quite a few dressed up kids which Mackenzie enjoyed seeing. Of course she was a little shy, but when she heard the door bell she ran to it saying "Kids!"
It got late and we all had to get up early the next day so we locked up at around 8pm and headed upstairs for bed. I couldn't believe it though that I was still hearing the door bell after 9! We had a nice day and I think Mackenzie had a lot of fun!

Dressed up for school

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Meeting Eeyore for the first time.

Now that we are annual pass holders we are trying to make the most of visiting Disneyland. A couple of weeks ago we went up on a Sunday before Halloween so Mackenzie could get to see the place done up for the occasion. She had learnt about pumpkins and the color orange at school so she was rather excited to see both everywhere. It was a really nice day too. We didn't feel rushed to get everything done and just traveled at our own pace. Of course the rides that are changed for Halloween were crazy, but we only went on one which was the Haunted Mansion. They change it into the Nightmare Before Christmas and it's actually quite cute. I was a little worried as to how Mackenzie would react, but she was very brave.

She was brave enough to approach all the characters by herself this time...what a big girl!

We had tried to warn her as best as we could that the ride might be a little scary and spoke a lot about Jack and what she would see. After all the talk of Jack being fun for the rest of the day whenever we asked Mackenzie if she was having fun she would reply "Fun Jack!"
She also talked non stop about seeing all her favorite characters and this time around was more than happy to approach them all by herself. She talks about them a lot at home and when she does mention a name she always says "Hug, kiss?" All in all it was a good day had by all and our next trip up there will probably be for Mackenzie's birthday.

Hanging out with Daddy!

Not a whole lot going on with us. Today John has duty and it's his first day of having duty on the weekend so Mackenzie wasn't too happy to see Daddy leave today. She has decided to draw all over herself with a pen in his absence and has watched Nemo and is now taking a much needed nap which is allowing me some alone time!
We have pretty much got all the rooms situated now and Mackenzie is trying real hard to sleep in her own room. She has slept in there the entire night a couple of nights now, but most days at about 4am we wake up to her walking into our room with her blanket and pillow. It's the cutest thing!! Last night she even unsuccessfully tried to climb into our bed. I have to admit though I sleep a lot better when she's in the bed with me!!

Attempt at a family self portrait!

The baby is doing great and I have my doctors appointment tomorrow. It's hard to believe that I will be finishing up work at the end of this month, but with the holidays we have this month I have only 12 working days left!! At the moment I'm feeling mixed emotions about finishing up because part of me can't wait to just be able to rest while the other part of me is going to miss my kids, the teachers and the routine. I am still planning on taking Mackenzie in so I will be seeing everyone on a regular basis, but I guess it's going to take some adjusting.

Mackenzie doing a little window shopping!

"Please can I have them!?!"

We are not looking forward to the day where we can no longer talk her into putting things back and leaving the store empty handed!

Mackenzie is doing great and I can't believe she is so close to becoming a two year old!! Where does the time go? She is always so busy and is talking a mile a minute! She has also become quite good at throwing some loud and painful tantrums and she loves that she has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. The other day at school she was misbehaving and I told her if she didn't start behaving that there would be no princess movies when she got home. Of course her behavior didn't improve and my mind was made up! When we got home her Daddy got her out of the car and had been told of her bad behavior. He asked her if she had misbehaved and she told him "No" then proceeded to ask for her movie!! They learn so young!!

Saying hi to Pluto!

She had wanted to see Minnie all day, but her face doesn't show that excitement!!

This one is a little better!!

Checking out Minnie's house!

Meeting the man of the hour....Mickey!!

We love Mickey Mouse!!

On Thursday this week we have a day off for Veterans Day but as of yet I'm not sure what our plans are. John actually has the Friday off too so Mackenzie and him will have a Daddy day while I go in to work. I hope you all have a great week. I still have a bunch of pics and things to post on here as per usual so hopefully I find the time soon!!