Sunday, September 12, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

All dressed up and ready for the first day of the new school year!

This week we started our new school year. The day went by like any other day on our side of the school, but for the bigger kids I hope it was a little more exciting! Our director asked us to make a bit of an effort so I got Mackenzie and I dressed up nice, and in the end we ended up going home a little early as half of my class was out on vacation/holiday. It was actually a rather nice week as my class was low. Next week on the other hand is probably going to be crazy as I go from having four to eight...wish me luck there!

It was a pretty uneventful week for us. This week we will be on our own again for a little while as John is heading out for the last time. It's only going to be a little trip, but I think this one is going to be tough on Mackenzie as she's so used to having her Daddy around. This past week when he was on duty she asked for him all night! I think she'll be a little confused for first couple of days and will eventually get used to it. My plan is to keep us busy so the time flies. We have to organize John's birthday for when he gets back and I also have a work thing one night that will take up some time.

She's always taking someone to school.

Mackenzie is doing great and is talking so much these days. I have been struggling with a little head cold or allergies at the moment so every time I sneeze she says, "Bless you Mama." It's the cutest thing ever!! Other cute things she says now is every day when I ask her what she wants to eat for dinner she will yell out, "Chicken!!" Unfortunately that means chicken nuggets! She will eat what ever I put in front of her (most days), but it's a little sad that she is so obsessed with chicken nuggets. At school this week one of her friends had them for lunch a couple of days and she ended up throwing a fit because she wanted to eat his nuggets. I ended up sending some to school just so the girls wouldn't have to deal with her tantrum and that day he didn't have them so she quietly ate her sandwich with no complaints!!
Saturday as I was helping her up the stairs each and every time she tripped or lost her footing she said, "Shit!" I tried my hardest not to laugh, but I couldn't believe she was saying it in the right context! I guess with an Australian and a sailor as parents there is no hope for her!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Now a Catch Up on Us!

Out for lunch with Daddy!

As for each of us we are doing great! John has been busy with work and will be heading out one last time in the next week or so. It will only be a short trip, but it's really nice to know that this will be the final one for some time. At the moment he is helping to initiate, train, prepare (whatever you want to call it) the latest chief selectees which means a lot of early morning runs for him, but it hasn't taken up too much of his personal time.

Mackenzie and I down by the bay.

I'm doing fine and find it hard to believe that I'm 24 weeks pregnant!! We are over half way now and I don't feel anywhere near as prepared as what we were with Mackenzie! I know we were a prepared early because John left, but for some reason I feel this next one is going to be here before we are ready for her!! I went for my check up on Thursday and everything is going great. My next appointment will be a big one as that is when they will finally test me for gestational diabetes. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this time I manage to escape it! The baby seems to be a lot more active than Mackenzie ever was which has me a little scared. Mackenzie keeps us busy enough as it is, so we are hoping the next one will be a quiet one for us. I'm starting to think that we won't be so lucky!!
Work is going fine and has been a little busy lately. Next week we start the new school year which has meant that there have been a lot of new enrollments and stuff. On Friday we had no kids for the day and had to prepare our classrooms for the new year. It was the longest day of my life!!! I had to clean from top to bottom, then put up new bulletin boards and a whole bunch of other stuff. I ended up being there from 7 in the morning until 5:30 that afternoon. All I can say is thank goodness John was able to keep Mackenzie as I would have probably still been there doing what I needed to get down!!

Eating her favorite food ever....chicken!!

As for Mackenzie, she is doing great!! Her favorite word is NO and we hear it all the time. She is so busy and is loving school. On Thursday we had a bounce house at school and she had an absolute blast running and jumping in it! She just continues to act like a sponge and absorb everything she sees and hears about her, some good and some not so good! Unfortunately we have heard drop the s*%# word a few times and we only have ourselves to blame for that. She is able to count from 1 to 10 and she is naming a bunch of colors! She fell in love with It's a Small World and the Tiki Room while at Disneyland so every time she hears the songs (we have Disney cds at school) she gets excited and then upset because she wants to go back! As soon as we get home from school she is straight into the dvd draw trying to coerce John or I to play her a movie. Most days it's either 101 Dalmatians or The Lady and the Tramp!

Having fun in the bounce house.

This weekend is a three day weekend for us and I have managed to catch a bit of a head cold. We are taking things easy and our plan is to just work around the house, although it's Sunday now and we are yet to really make a start on anything!! Our plan is for Mackenzie and the baby to share a room so we need to swap Mackenzie's current room and our entertainment room around, but as of yet we haven't done a thing. I guess we'll make it happen eventually, but in the mean time I'm planning on enjoying the extra day of rest of relaxation!!
Till next time people!!

"Hello Mama!"


On the car ride up watching Nemo on her dvd player.

As per usual we had a blast at Disneyland!! We stayed for three nights and enjoyed almost every minute of it! The only problem was that it was way too HOT!! Mackenzie and I didn't cope too well with the heat which meant that we had to plan when we went and what we did during the day, but I already can't wait to go back!! My ankles were swollen most of the time which meant I couldn't be on my feet all day and with it being so hot Mackenzie would tire very easily, so we would go out in the morning till around 11 or 12, go back to the room for a nap, head down to the pool and head back to Disneyland around 4 or 5 until Mackenzie got too tired. Rather than tell you every little detail of what we got up too there are a bunch of pics here that I'll tell you a little about...enjoy!

I'm not sure if it was the heat or just the size of the horses, but every time Mackenzie saw the carousel she wanted to go on it, then she would get up set and John would either have to try and get off before the ride started or would be stuck trying to calm her down!!

Trying to beat the heat!

The exciting thing about this trip was that we because annual pass holders!! John finally got on board to the idea that maybe it would cut down on expenses so we are planning to head back to check out the Halloween stuff and possibly the Christmas stuff. Mackenzie is free up until the age of three so I guess we need to make the most of it now!!

Meeting Pooh Bear!

Mackenzie was very excited to see the characters, although this shot doesn't really show it. She would see them and name them and say "Touch? Touch?". She was ok approaching them, then would get a little apprehensive at first. By the end of our trip though she was fine with them. She was not interested though in meeting anyone where she could see their faces which meant she didn't want much to do with the princesses and stuff. I guess that is her apprehension of strangers kicking in which I don't mind at all.

Excited for dinner. When we ask her these days what she wants to eat she will excitably call out "chicken!!"

Trying to stay cool with Daddy!

Checking out Minnie's answering machine!

Meeting Mickey Mouse!

The family with Mickey!

Checking out Goofy's watermelons.

Counting watermelons.

Hanging out at Goofy's house with Daddy. She really liked Goofy this trip.

Meeting Baloo (I think that's how you spell it?) from the Jungle Book

We went and had breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen which allowed Mackenzie to see a lot of characters. See had a lot of fun seeing the different characters and ate lots and lots of fruit!

Meeting Chip or Dale.

Meeting Aladdin! As you can see she was not interested in getting to know him at all!! =)

Loving Goofy!!

She loves watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but did not want to meet her in person!!

Family self portrait!

Meeting Mater and Lightning from Cars....she really likes this movie at the moment!

Relaxing in her stroller

Seeing her favorite Goofy at our hotel after a trip to the pool!

A hot little girl lining up for a ride with Daddy!

Success!! Finally enjoying herself on the carousel!

Meeting Tigger! She was very excited about this, but got rather upset when a playful Tigger tried to steal her hat! =)

Trying on a goofy hat!

Taking Daddy for a drive!

All dressed up for the ride home!!

We love Disneyland!!

Trying to Catch Up!

My crazy haired child!

I know it's been weeks, but here's my usual excuse...I rarely seem to get on the computer these days! I thought having John home would free up more time for me, but we get home and I'm normally exhausted so we all end up relaxing in front of yet another Disney movie, then it's dinner, getting ready for the next day, showers and bed! I guess the important thing to know is that we are all healthy, happy and enjoying being back together again!

Love her pretty eyes here!!

So my plan is to break up the pics I've taken recently into a few entries so those of you who follow this blog will probably be a little shocked by no entries for weeks, then a bunch all at once. We have managed to squeeze in a few different activities since I last wrote. John and I went out alone for the first time since Mackenzie entered the world and we went to Disneyland for a few days. (More on that in the next entry) Other than that it has just been work and home. Mackenzie loves spending time with her Daddy and as I type this is out with him getting his truck washed.

This is where I often find her when she refuses to take a nap at a decent time. She'll start watching a movie and fall asleep, then she gets very, very, very grumpy when we have to wake her up so she will sleep at night.

A few weeks back now we went to a ball for John's ship. I can't remember the official name of it, but it involved a number of ships and different land based sections. There were quite a lot of people there and I was extremely glad that I followed my instincts on getting a dress, because if I had of listened to John I would have felt very under dressed and very pissed at him! We had a great night! The food was yummy and I got to meet a lot of people that John works with.

John and I at home after the event. (we got some professional shots so I will have to put them on here when we get them back)

Mackenzie did great without us and only got a little upset when she got tired! Her teacher from school looked after her and they apparently had a great time watching all her favorite Disney movies. The next day we left very early for Disneyland so we didn't stay out too late, but it was nice to get dressed up and be a grown up again!

My bump...I think I'm 21 weeks?!