Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 off to a good start

Hanging out at school!

2012 has gotten off to a good start for us. It feels like things are starting to get back to normal as we leave the holidays behind and unfortunately say goodbye to our four day weekends. We had a great Christmas and New Years. For Christmas we went up to Disneyland and it was a whole lot busier than what I thought it would be! I guess a lot of people who do not celebrate the holiday go there and maybe because it was on the weekend it was crazy!! We also spent Monday there so in the end Christmas didn't feel like much of a break for us.
Playing with her gift from Ms Maisie!

For New Years though we took the chance to relax and take advantage of the four days. We stuck close to home and took the time to get the house organized a little after all those Christmas gifts we got the girls. I was the only one to remain awake to see 2012 arrive. We had a big sleep over in our room and had a movie night! In the end however only one movie was watched as Maegen fell asleep, then John and finally Mackenzie! We did however watched Rio and Mackenzie fell in love with it!! I thought it was great those birds. Anyway we rented the movie so upon returning it Mackenzie apparently flipped out so John went off searching for a copy for her. Two stores later John was the hero to our very grateful little girl. We have now watched Rio more times than I can count!
Hanging out in Maegen's bed!

On Monday we went to the zoo which was a lot of fun. For anyone who was been to the San Diego Zoo they know that the place can be quite a work out as at some point you will hit some hills. Mackenzie had a great time and pretty much ran the whole time we were there. We didn't go to every exhibit, but she still did a lot of running! Maegen also enjoyed the zoo, although she didn't really like the too close meerkats!

Playing at the zoo with Dad
Enjoying the day at the zoo.
Having a snack at the zoo

The girls are doing great and growing faster than I want them too! Maegen is close to being a full time walker. With each passing day she grows more confident although she still seems to prefer crawling as her main means of getting herself around. She has also left formula behind which was a very easy transition. Our next step is for her to give up the bottles, but I think that may not be as easy as I would like it to be as so far she seems a little reluctant to do so. As of next week she will more than likely be in the big girl room as she's about to move into the toddler room. She did some time in there last week and she did good. She gets upset when she sees me, but I'm hoping with time she will get used to seeing me.
Borrowing Daddy's hat

Mackenzie is doing great and finally has her new teacher in her class. Her teacher seems nice and is adjusting to the classroom. Mackenzie's classroom is mainly boys and some of them are a handful so I an imagine that the room has been a challenge for her. Mackenzie is doing good with her potty training and this weekend she has done really good with only a few accidents. We are bribing her with a trip to Disneyland so I guess she is trying her best to get back to her favorite place in the world. Most days she is asking to go there!
Maegen on the play ground for her first time.

John starts school this week and will be busy two nights a week. He is starting out with an English class and it is an accelerated class so I'm sure it will keep him busy. I'm not exactly looking forward to it as it's going to mean busy nights for me, but I'm sure it will be like anything else...I'll adapt and it will become our new routine! I'm just glad the girls are a little bit older and able to do a little bit more for themselves.

Taking her first nap on a big girl mat!

As for me I'm slowly trying to fit some me time into our routine. I've started to read a little again and I'm wanting to get back into my crafting again. I think if I could just get my craft table cleaned off I might get a little more excited!! Well the family is wanting dinner so until next time...!!

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